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photos :

  The Rotunda-exterior-front plaza
  The Rotunda-stage east view

Below-The sanctuary (currently closed) welcoming the audience of the Live Arts Festival/Susan Hess Modern Dance presentation of Siobhan Davies Dance Company's Bird Song, 9/14/05

Photo: Gina Renzi



-An anxious sold-out audience awaits Bird Song to begin in the sanctuary (currently closed), 9/17/05

Photo: Jessica Slack



Below-The magnificent dome of the sanctuary (currently closed)

Photos: Gina Renzi


  Three for The Road, 01/06/06
  Starting Over (artists tried a new medium. Here are the results! Photos: ArtClash Collective), 10/15/05
  Betsy Spivak, at Melange Theatre "Live," 08/14/05
  Stranger Theater, at Puppet Uprising, 08/06/05
  Puppet Uprising, 08/05/05
  Subliminal Orphans, 08/03/05
  The Gathering, breakdancers on mat, 07/28/05
  The Gathering, 07/28/05
  The Gathering-crowd on walkway, 07/28/05
  Jodi Letizia, at Melange Theatre "Live," 07/24/05
  Artist David Gerbstadt, at Day of Art,40th Street Summer Series, 07/23/05
  [part of]The Nate Wooley Quartet, 07/21/05
  3rd Annual Philly Zine Festival, 07/17/05
  Graf artist on front plaza, 40th Street Summer Series, 07/09/05
  ICAF Philly, Capoeira Angola demo, 40th Street Summer Series, 07/09/05
  ICAF Philly, Capoeira Angola demo on front plaza, 40th Street Summer Series, 07/09/05
  The Art Fix event, 07/08/05
  The Low Budgets, 07/01/05
  The Unholy Sideshow [NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!], 07/01/05
  Marieke Van Vugt, at Melange Theatre "Live," 06/12/05
  40th Street Summer Series Pres. Mini-Powwow from Native Nations Dance Theater, front plaza, 06/04/05
  Black Horse Butte, at Mini-Powwow, front plaza, 06/04/05
  Phila. Fire Arts-front plaza, 04/17/05
  MusiQology, 02/18/04
  Gate to Moon Base Alpha, 01/16/04
  The Gathering, 12/18/03
  Flea Market, 12/14/03
  Expressions, 01/22/03
  Tree Day concert, 03/24/01
  Lovefest 2001, 02/09/01
  The ALLY, 02/02/01
  Big Rock Show!, 01/26/01
  Homecoming 2001
  various hip hop
  various Gate to Moon Base Alpha
  various The Verge
  various jazz
  etc, misc., etc.

audio :

  WXPN Interview, 2/17/04

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