fall 2003


8PM @ the Rotunda

THE GROOVE - The open mic jam session that endeared itself to the hearts of area vocalists, poets, MCs and musicians during its runs at South St Blues and Soul Sanctuary is back for a special
edition, as a featured event for the 1st Annual Philadelphia Jazz & Poetry Festival. Co-hosts Stephanie Renee and Bernard Collins and house
band dB (Decibel) are back with their high-energy, off-the-wall
improvisations and invite everyone to come out and join in on the fun!
Door prizes provided by Verve Records and Creator's Child Productions, Inc.



7PM @ the Rotunda

Closing for -Break the Blackout! ­ An Art Show on
Wealth and Poverty in the U.S. video, speakers, meet the artists who showed work in this revolutionary art exhibit that links art with the movement to end poverty and inequality in the U.S.



8PM @ the Rotunda

SOLA, Grimace Federation: 8 piece hyper groove
machine. w/ Grimace Federation. This is a super freaked out show. Be prepared to get down and dirty while expanding your subwoofers to some extreme funkiness.



8PM @ the Rotunda

No Room for Talent Records (breakcore/noise/
experimental electronic)
Releases: Out now* Resurrector/ Cdatakill split 12", * Generation RX promo tape, * Not Half 12"
Coming Soon: * Fanny/Cdatakill split 12", *Meconium/Speedranch split 7" Featuring: Fanny, Xanopticon, Meconium, DuranDuranDuran


8PM @ the Rotunda

Sensi Star, Shot by Shot, Saffa: Jazz and Soul


8PM @ the Rotunda

[Collective Voices Festival Day Five] (avant-jazz): Bobby
Zankel's Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, Matt Davis's Aerial Photograph + Horns, Daniel Peterson's Truth or Consequences + 3



3PM @ the Rotunda

The Urban Gospel Alliance will hold an open mic.

Gospel/Praise/hip hop welcome.


8PM @ the Rotunda

The Hydrogen Jukebox, with DJ Can Guru: dirty funk/trip
hop/jazz/Zappa-esque oddities; opener Can Guru is the premier trance/hip hop DJ in Ithaca, NY.


1PM @ the Rotunda

Franklins Paine Skate Park Fund Presents a Picnic
near a Park with The Bouncing Souls, viewing the documentary entitled "Do You Remember? 15 Years of The Bouncing Souls", with The Low Budgets and WKDU 91.7fm DJs. http://www.franklinspaine.org.

Info on "Do You Remember?: Fifteen Years of the Bouncing Souls" : Rock
documentaries can sometimes be hindered by a number of things; an
essential understanding of the band, an appreciation of their music,and in some cases, a scary resemblance to "Spinal Tap". The rise and fall of a band has been documented on many many occasions, so a certain amount of originality and inventiveness is needed to produce a band documentary that stands out.

"Do You Remember?" is basically a chronological documentary of the rise and rise over the last 15 years of one of the US punk scene's most hard working bands. Made up of home movie footage shot by the band and intercut with new interviews of the band and assorted acquaintances, it becomes apparent that this has more to offer than your usual run-of-the-mill rock and roll documentary.

An EMO RIOT Production. Executive
Producers: The Bouncing Souls and Kate Hiltz. Produced by Jeff Alulis
and Ryan Harlin. Directed by Jeff Alulis.


10PM @ the Rotunda

The Gathering is the monthly showcase for hip hop
in Philadelphia. On the last Thursday of every month, Philly’s b-boys, emcees, turntablists, and graf writers come out to add their own contributions to feature performances by emcee groups, bands, graffiti panelists, and guest DJs, under the guidance of host I BE and resident DJ M-SKI. The event naturally takes shape from the force of its own
audience- over and under 21 alike- the people who make up hip hop
culture in Philly.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Final Fridays. Art Displays: Steven Archer. Bajema. More TBA; Performances By: Nicki Jaine. Ego Likeness. Voltaire.; DJ Performance By: Dave Ghoul. This will also be the CD release party for Clan of Xymox's newest "Farewell". http://www.grendelsden.cjb.net/


8PM @ the Rotunda

Linguistics: One of the city's most diverse and unpredictable monthly spoken word and music showcases is back for a fourth season. Open mic format always, with occasional notable feature acts and goodies to give away for those who correctly answer cultural trivia questions throughout the evening. Last Saturday of each month.


7:30PM @ the Rotunda

The African People's Solidarity Committee present a forum, with speakers from different organizations, disseminating facts from research on programs such as Operation "Safe Streets." The African People's Solidarity Committee wants to educate people on police and prison programs that attack the black community. The white community is being called upon to support the black community's demand for economic development and social justice, and in opposition to Operation "Safe Streets", police murders, and mass imprisonment of blacks.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Vitamin D Productions' Pre-festival Showcase with World Beat (Drumming, music from around the world), and Midnight Rebellion (Reggae). Also! Check out Vitamin D's World Music for World Peace Festival at Clark Park (43rd and Baltimore Avenue) on Sat. 10/4, 12-6pm. Over 80 artists! http://www.vitamindproductions.com


7PM @ the Rotunda

Bread and Puppet Theater: The famed Vermont puppet company visits us to present social commentary through puppets and theater. This particular show will be an Insurrection Mass with Funeral Marches for Rotten Ideas. This is a non-religious service with paper-mache gods, fiddle sermon, and more, in which a rotten idea is figuratively buried. This is actually the show that was scheduled to occur at The Rotunda back in February. However, a blizzard prevented that from happening!!


8PM @ the Rotunda

Aviary 3, et al. experimental rock.


8PM @ the Rotunda

BE CAREFUL LITTLE HANDS, w/CYNTHIA G.MASON TRIO (http://spiderwomanrecords.com), NATIONAL EYE (http://nationaleye.com/), and CAROLYNNE MCNEEL from April Disaster (http://www.bestfriendrecords.com/ad.htm):


7PM @ the Rotunda

ENGINE DOWN, w/ 90 day men, the Panthers, and Sunken Ship Rests (formerly Jonah Can Explain). $8.00 Admission. Tickets are on sale at the Marvelous Records (208 South 40th Street), as well as at the door. This
benefits WQHS, UPenn's student radio station. http://www.wqhs.org


7PM @ the Rotunda

Screening of "Forgotten Summer": Directed and produced by local filmmaker, Julian Berrian, "The Forgotten Summer" chronicles the African American struggle for equality and self-preservation during the ultra-violent summer of 1919.The Red Summer, as it was touted by former NAACP secretary, James Weldon Johnson, gave way to over 24 deadly race riots on U.S. soil, but has
since been buried in the annals of "selectively forgotten" American history.
Julian Berrian's "The Forgotten Summer" works toward publicizing a chapter of
the African American experience which had much to bear on the United States'
racial divide.


7PM @ the Rotunda

Fighting Dogs, Sound of Failure, the Great Clearing Off, Hands Up You're Free. indie/punk


9PM @ the Rotunda

Dross:tik Records USA Tour, featuring: c64 (dj ragga breakcore), skeeter (live pa noise/hardcore/breakcore/idm), belladonakillz (live pa or dj rhythmic noise/breakcore/hardcore)


4-6PM @ the Rotunda

The Foundation and CAP (of Penn's Center for Community Partnerships) present the Art of Health community workshop series "Creating Health with Kind Cuisine and Conscious Living...a recipe for balancing mind, body, and spirit" (facilitated by KC Mcquillan of the Kind Café)

This hands-on health and wellness program is in two parts.

The first hour is in the format of an interactive recipe, weaving together the ingredients for a healthy body, including self-esteem, environmentalism, nutrition, exercise, community, creative expression, and more.

The second hour includes a natural foods cooking demonstration and tasting!

This is student-focused, but open to families, elders, and anyone, really. Seating is limited to 75 people, so please reserve your seat by either sending names and number of people in your party, to Gina@foundationarts.org, or leaving a message at 215-573-3234.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Beulah , John Vanderslice, Matt

Suggs. $10.00 Admission.

Tickets sold at Marvelous Records (208 South 40th Street) and at the door. This benefits WQHS, UPenn's student-operated radio station. http://www.wqhs.org


4-6PM @ the Rotunda

Spiral Q Puppet Theater will hold an open flag and paper mache puppet-making workshop.

This is for children of all ages.
The Spiral Q Puppet Theater seeks to mobilize communities, empower marginalized people and illuminate the victories, frustrations and possibilities of living in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and similar urban settings through the construction of full-scale giant puppet parades, toy theater and neighborhood pageantry.

Through its puppet parades and pageants, Spiral Q is resurrecting and reclaiming an almost forgotten form of people's theater to amplify and unite the power and vitality of those working for change through art- making, protest, and civic theater.

All participants are welcome to take part in Peoplehood, a neighborhood- wide tour/parade with flags and puppets. Peoplehood will occur Saturday, 10/25. For more details on that, and for more info on Spiral Q in general, visit http://www.spiralq.org


8PM-12AM @ the Rotunda

The first Gate to Moonbase Alpha of the 2003-2004 Season!: Infamous monthly series that presents ambient/experimental/ electronic/improv/psych. music with visuals and more.

Performance art using found objects, fused sound, and the kitchen sink from The Great Quentini.

Oil projections and slides from David Gerbstadt. http://www.gerbstadt.net

Music from: Axheron (West Philly): ever changing ensemble; laptops,synths,casios,theremin, and circuit bent instruments in combination with electric/acoustic bass, electric/acoustic piano, drumkit. Live processing/sampling of acoustic instruments as well as live video is often added to these ensembles. http://www.axheron.com

Artek (Lehigh Valley): space rock/psychedelic sounds; first performance at GTMBA and Bombardier (NYC): lush electronics, IDM, noises and glitches; http:// d13.lowres.com

+Free vegetarian foods from Chef Jeff.


6PM @ the Rotunda

Sick City Showcase presents A SICK HALLOWEEN (2 weeks early!) with Helen Back and the Str8 Razors, The Low Budgets (ex-Dead Milkmen), Famous in Vegas (ex-TTUK), Suspect Device (from Boston), Select68. http://sickcity.net


3PM @ the Rotunda

Urban Revival and Urban Gospel Alliance Present "The Platform," an open mic for gospel and hip hop. Church groups are welcome.


7PM @ the Rotunda

Zea (Dutch electro pop), The Reflectors (local indie rockers) + screening of BIKE LIKE U MEAN IT!

BIKE LIKE U MEAN IT! Doc. Susan Kirr & Rusty Martin. 45min. Take a trip to Austin Texas in this funny, smart, and ridiculous film as bike activists take it to the streets in effort to challenge automobile drivers for their place on the road. From battling the police over Critical Mass bike rides, to forming the Courteous Mass, to the brilliant letters to the editor from bike queen Amz Babich, and the inspiring yellow bike project; Bike Like U Mean It presents the four wheel versus two wheel debate in all its glory.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Animus, Azhia, Nyla, and D.J. Omar: World Fusion/Middle Eastern/Greek/+belly dancers!. http://www.animusmusic.com


8PM @ the Rotunda

Linguistics: One of the city's most diverse and unpredictable monthly spoken word and music showcases is back for a fourth season. Open mic format always, with occasional notable feature acts and goodies to give away for those who correctly answer cultural trivia questions throughout the evening. Last Saturday of each month.


2-6PM @ the Rotunda

Plugged:In. technology-based workshops, hands on electronic instruments, interactive media, and more.

Workshops include: Videography/video editing- shoot festival video (30 minutes; workshop occurs twice), Audio Software/Editing-See your voice in soundwaves, make your own electronic music (30 minutes; workshop occurs twice), and Sound Engineering/Sound Tech 101 (30 minutes; workshop occurs twice).

Plus, interactive franken-instruments from weird-sound masters David Talento (purveyor of new and old synthesizers, electronic toys, and home made gear; visit http://www.helpwantedproductions.com), and Steve Zeitler (creator of the Zeitron, a piece similar to a theremin, but with 3 vectors instead of 2; visit http://www.mp3.com/zeitron).

DJing ambient/experimental/glitchy electronic goodness and more will be Linda Leigh aka L3. L3 will be adding Final Scratch to the mix of vinyl, CDs and effects for this event. Final Scratch allows the DJ to use a specially encoded vinyl record to control any digital audio It's possible to include any music or sound that can be created or recorded in a performance using a traditional DJ setup along with a laptop. (visit http:// www.technotica.com).

Technical support from PSLA DD participants, and healthy snacks and nutrition awareness provided by the Urban Nutrition Initiative. This event is, like all events at The Rotunda, open to the public, though geared towards participants between the ages of 11 and 18.


10PM-2AM @ the Rotunda

The Gathering: monthly showcase for hip hop in Philadelphia. On the last Thursday of every month, Philly's b-boys, emcees, turntablists, and graf writers come out to add their own contributions to feature performances by emcee groups, bands, graffiti panelists, and guest DJs, under the guidance of host I BE and resident DJ M-SKI. The event naturally takes shape from the force of its own audience- over and under 21 alike- the people who make up hip hop culture in Philly.


8PM @ the Rotunda

The Paul Green School of Rock Music Presents The 1st Annual Halloween Frank Zappa Dance Party. Costumes strongly encouraged!



7PM @ the Rotunda

Landing Pad III. Featuring: The Crime, Mikronesia Pandar.Hutnons, Scattered Planets, Church of Hed, Mutation Vector. Space rock/psychedelic. + free snacks and bizarre visuals.

http:// www.scatteredplanets.com


2:30PM @ the Rotunda

From the mind that brought you Blu Magazine, Shofam, & Griot Prod., Russell Shoatz Presents Fun DayzCool, Starring: The Welfare Poets, The Sound of Illadelphia, & The mighty mighty Gold Coast Buccaneers (youth drill team). + Special guest, Door prizes, Raffle, Snacks, Vendors, AND an open mic. Donations welcome.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Oh The Horror! A night of blood, gore, and madness, with Penis Flytrap,the Deep Eynde, and Famous in Vegas. Plus special guests. Get ready for a blood curling, post Halloween horror punk show. Costumes encouraged. Spook or be spooked.


7PM @ the Rotunda

"Solidarity in the City," an open mic hosted by the BAMN organization.


9PM-1AM @ the Rotunda

Greater Philadelphia Hip-Hop Alliance Concert/ Membership Drive


8PM @ the Rotunda

WOLF VS. (local noise/experimental), STAY FVCKED (Minutemen type fast instrumental), AXHERON - (contemplative improv with loud moments in a Sonic Youth meets Sun Ra vein), VEDA CRUZ- (from Philly - experimental rock w/ some jazz leanings)


8PM @ the Rotunda

Oral Traditions: Hosted by Bernard Collins an evening of poetry, music & open mic.

Featured poets: Keith Roach and Stephanie Renee. Also scheduled to appear: H. Alonzo Jennings w/guitarist Joe Steele Michael O'Hara, Serena Saunders, Steve Paul, & Tony Brown (http://www.cavalcadeofpoetry.com)

Keith Roach: Poet/activist Keith Roach will read selected works from his newly released book of poetry, "The World (changes at the expense of
black people) published by CliqueCalm Books, Inc Brooklyn, New York. Keith was the host of the Nuyorican Open Room and slammaster for the Friday Night Slam at the world renowned Nuyorican Poets Cafe from May 1996 to October 1999. In August of 1998 he led the Nuyorican Poets Cafe slam team of Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Lynne Procope, Steve Coleman and Alix Olson to championship at the National Poetry held in Austin, Texas.

Stephanie Renee: Stephanie's voice has been featured on several commercial recordings, including Who Is Jill Scott? (Hidden Beach/ Epic)and Patti LaBelle's When A Woman Loves (MCA). Stephanie's latest endeavors find her pouring her dynamic energies into the expansion of her non-profit arts education foundation Soul Sanctuary, securing funding for her music documentary NO SUCH THING AS NEOSOUL and promoting her first solo CD titled Tuning Forked Tongue.


7PM @ the Rotunda

Screening of "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election." 50 minute documentary.

Introduction and discussion with Richard Ray Perez, Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography. Perez has produced multi-media presentations for the best selling book, Pigs at the Trough, by author Arianna Huffington and public service announcements for the activist organizations MoveOn.org and TrueMajority.org, and more. The film is the riveting story about the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America.

>From the moment the polls opened, it was painfully clear that something
was wrong. While the media seized on the controversy surrounding the poorly designed "Butterfly Ballot", much larger civil rights abuses were overlooked.

Focusing on events leading up to election day and the attempt to count legally cast votes in the days that followed, Unprecedented examines a suspicious pattern of irregularities, injustices and voter purges-all in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother.

One of the first indications that something was wrong came early on election day. Thousands of African-Americans who had voted in previous elections discovered that their names were missing from the voter rolls. Investigators later uncovered irrefutable evidence that exposed an elaborate strategy where thousands of Democratic voters were purged from the rolls. These voters were disproportionately African-American.

The evidence shows that Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, and other Republican state officials ordered the manipulation of a list of former felons to include thousands of legitimate voters who had no criminal history. In Florida, ex-felony offenders lose their right to vote for life. But the manipulation of this list denied thousands of legitimate voters their franchise. In an election that was determined by 537 votes, these purged voters would have reversed the outcome.

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is a cautionary tale, warning us that we must insists our elections be conducted in a manner above reproach, that all legitimate voters may exercise their franchise, and all legal votes must be counted. Anything less undermines our faith in democracy.
Film synopsis at


7-9PM @ the Rotunda

You Are Invited To A Large Tea Party. Join us for
conversation, fun, speakers, performances, and tea, light refreshments will be served.

Guest Speakers: Dr. Lucille Ijoy, and Wanda Quill Toy Drive: Please
donate one toy.

Tea talk is a new non-profit program here as an advocate for communities and their well being, to ensure everyone is equipped with the resources, education, and self-empowerment to jumpstart a life. No more thinking and dreaming, but acting. Don't be that person who say's "oh I thought of that idea years ago." Implement it NOW. We are here to assist in your visions. More info: Tomika McFadden 215-476-9967 or Kathy Jordan 267- 235-3938

Email: teatalkconference@yahoo.com


8PM @ the Rotunda


Archedream: black light dance theater; Costumes by Alan Bell. http://www.archedream.com


7PM @ the Rotunda

The Bump'n Benefit Bash for the Puppet Uprising.
Puppet theater, music, and art.

Donations gladly accepted to cover costs of items stolen from Puppet Uprising during the Fringe Festival.

Puppet theater pieces include:

"The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly," by Bikes Across Borders;
"When Squirrels Ruled the Earth," by Twitchy;
"Weeds" by Beth Pulcinella;
"Mourn Not the Dead," by Gina Favano;
"Sloth Teeth," by Beth Nixon.
+ Live music, + Art Auction.




7-11PM @ the Rotunda

Doors open at 6:30PM

SISTAS' REEL STORIES: A Celebration of Films by Women of African Descent.

exhilerating| thought-provoking| touching| enlightening| entertaining| original

Hosted & curated by filmmaker and television producer SARAH POINDEXTER. Emmy Award-nominated Sarah C. Poindexter received an M.F.A. in film and Media Arts from Temple University in 1999. Since then she has produced numerous projects with the Scribe Video Center and WYBE Channel 35. Most recently, Sarah was a recipient of the prestigious Paul Robeson Fund grant and she was curator of WYBE's Cinema Salon, her own series "The Screening Room". Sarah also curated the films and videos shown at the Black Women's Arts Festival Philly 2003. Her work and the films were so well received that a continuance was prompted. Contact: honeysmart@aol.com.

Brought to you (co-hosted) by Cassendre Xavier a.k.a. Amethyste Rah. The self-described "renaissance negresse" who also created: T The Black Women's Arts Festival Philly 2003, T SISTERSTAGE: Women's Culture in Performance (2002), T FREE SEX: Spoken Word performance by Queer Women of All Colors & Straight White Guys (2000), T The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (2003). Visit Cassendre online at: www.cassEndrExavier.com, or email: cassEndrExavier@hotmail.com


8PM @ the Rotunda

psi, and Ian Ash. Improv/experimental music/Free jazz.

psi is a collaborative model developed by Jaime Fennelly (electronics), Chris Forsyth (guitar), and Fritz Welch (drums, cymbals, objects) to execute a series of musical/sound/noise projects. For almost two years now, psi has been exploring the boundaries of their instruments and acoustical spaces together through praxis, psychic interaction, and ultimately, the stupor-inducing condition of performance. The resultant music is cathartic, hermetic, meditative noise that considers the dynamic interaction of three basic themes: science, magic, blues.

Ian Ash is a composer who enjoys utilizing manifestations of exotic harmony and 21st century theory/counterpoint in the present day modern
American music known as "Jazz." He plays a variety of mallet instruments and composes and performs for music experiences throughout the Philadelphia area. His project "The Deep End Ensemble" includes a supportive rhythm section to heighten the musical experiences that take shape.


8PM @ the Rotunda

THE YES MEN: The Yes Men are a group of anti-
capitalist culture jammers who lampoon and impersonate the WTO at business meetings around the globe. They will present their latest pranks live in person in anticipation of the upcoming feature film "The Yes Men."

Hosted by Andy Bichlbaum.


7-10PM @ the Rotunda

A call to all Black female Vocalists, Arrangers, Musicians, Composers, Poets, Spoken Word Lyricists & Artists, etc., and those who have the desire to learn more about the Music and Entertainment Industry.

We Want You !

Initial project: "The MWM Freedom Choir" & Women's Archestra. This group will be premiered at the Million Woman March Reunion! This is a National Choir that will feature talented Black women from across the US. Upcoming audition areas in Nov. & Dec. 2003 are NY, NJ, & Delaware. You don't need to exploit yourself or sell your soul in order to perform or be involved in the Industry.

Registration and auditions are being held to record and produce qualitative and progressive music, etc., and the production of other information and media/communications apparatuses.

For more information: BWDL7@aol.com or 215-213-0078

Open forum discussion also includes: Introduction to "The MWM Five Year Action Plan" (5-YAP) on the development of the MWM Empire Networks for uncensored, undiluted. and progressive communications, information, entertainment & education.


10PM-2AM @ the Rotunda

The Gathering: monthly showcase for hip hop in Philadelphia. On the last Thursday of every month, Philly's b-boys, emcees, turntablists, and graf writers come out to add their own contributions to feature performances by emcee groups, bands, graffiti panelists, and guest DJs, under the guidance of host I BE and resident DJ M-SKI. The event naturally takes shape from the force of its own audience- over and under 21 alike- the people who make up hip hop culture in Philly.


8PM-12AM @ the Rotunda

Gate to Moonbase Alpha: Infamous monthly series that presents ambient/experimental/electronic/improv/psych. music with visuals and more.

Music from:

Xeroid Entity: Xeroid Entity is constantly exploring new musical territory by going beyond the barriers of standard conventions while still drawing upon classical influences. Their music ranges from light and whimsical to dark and aggressive, often within the same piece. Much of it is ambient in nature; without a discernable beat. When they do play rhythmically based music, there are often complex counter rhythms giving the music a poly-rhythmic flavor. The results can be subtle and spacey without being boring, noisy without being harsh, dynamic yet continuous. The members of Xeroid Entity are Howard Moscovitz, Bill Fox, and Greg Waltzer. (http://xeroid-entity.com)

Plankton: Trio of Philadelphia based musicians working as an ambient free improvisational ensemble. The musicians are David Sherick (percussion), Dave
Champion (trombone and electronics), and David Forlano (toys and electronics). They include humor, silence, aggression, gentleness, color, and history. Like most Gate to Moonbase Alpha performers, they continue to defy easy definition. (http://www.fordforlano.com/df)

Justice on a Budget: Experimental, improv, avant-garde, Justice on a Budget combines the sound of a classic jazz trio (Upright bass, keys, drums) with today's electronic innovations (loops, samples, turntables). (http://www.musicianmp3.com/artist/JusticeonaBudget)

+Performance art using found objects, fused sound, and the kitchen sink from The Great Quentini.

+Oil projections and slides from David Gerbstadt. (http://www.gerbstadt.net)



6PM @ the Rotunda

Sick City Showcase, w/ Global Chaos (Philly hardcore punk), The Vote (Mick of Violent Society), No Ca$h (Pennsylvania punk), The Overprivileged (chaotic DC punk)


8PM @ the Rotunda

722 (multi-faceted rock), Psy Ops (power trio; psy-ops.org), Imperial Aviary (members of post rock trio Aviary 3; bass, drums, loops), Mach 22 (rock/bluesy/soul/country; mach22music.com)


7PM @ the Rotunda

Screening of "Passionate Voices: American Jews and
Israel," followed by a structured dialogue lead by facilitators from the National Coalition Building Institute (www.ncbi.org).

Passionate Voices: American Jews and Israel (2003)
by Cindy L. Burstein, Tony Heriza, and Wendy Univer For American Jews, no subject stirs more passion or arouses more fear than the future of Israel. The entire world now realizes the importance of the search for peace in the Middle East. Yet, Philadelphia's Jewish community is splintered among groups who care deeply, but see conflicting truths in the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Passionate Voices shows grandparents and teens, political activists and artists, congregational leaders and lay people as they form their ideas, act on their convictions, and respond to other opinions.

This program asks the question: Is there room for many voices within the conversation about Israel's future? If not, what is lost?

Cindy L. Burstein received an MFA from Rutgers University. An independent producer of social issue documentaries, she also teaches community-based media production and creates video for non-profit organizations. She has a background in community organizing, and currently serves as the local ITVS Community Connections Project Field Organizer. Her work has aired on WYBE and been screened in numerous film festivals.

Since co-founding the Community Media Workshop in Dayton, Ohio, in 1974, Tony Heriza has been engaged in media production for social change-producing, teaching and working with community organizations. His documentaries have been broadcast nationally on PBS and screened at the Margaret Mead and other festivals. He is currently Associate Director of Communications for the American Friends Service Committee.

Wendy Univer writes and produces broadcast documentaries and many forms of media for organizations engaged in social change. Her work has been seen on PBS, WYBE, WHYY, and Discovery and in the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. Wendy has also helped create Web sites on many topics, including breast cancer and the human impact of the war in Iraq.


2PM @ the Rotunda

World AIDS Day Art Show, gallery hours begin 2pm; show/ reception at 5pm:

Come join exciting and talented artists from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, WellFed Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, and the local community, in celebrating the World AIDS Day Art Show. The "gallery" will open to the public at 2pm and the reception and entertainment will begin at 5pm. Performances by World Jazz musician Laurent Bass and the renowned a capella group "Off the Beat" will accompany the art show, which focuses on the struggles and triumphs experienced by AIDS victims.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Puppet Uprising, Night 1. Puppet theater, music, and a cheap art sale from local as well as touring puppeteers and other performers.



8PM @ the Rotunda

Puppet Uprising, Night 2. Puppet theater, music, and a cheap art sale from local as well as touring puppeteers and other performers.



8PM-12AM @ the Rotunda

Gate to Moonbase Alpha: Infamous monthly series that presents ambient/experimental/electronic/improv/psych. music with visuals and more.

Music from: Mike Tamburo (Meisha, Arco Flute Foundation), Adelante, Anti: Clockwise, Mindwarp Pavillion.

+Free vegetarian buffet from Chef Jeff


7PM @ the Rotunda

Old School 70s Party: Organized and hosted by Talia Sykes.

Are you ready to Party? well come out to impress, in your 70s era best. It's a Slammin' Old School 70s Party. A DJ on the turn-tables, MCs on the mic, soul train lines, break-dancing competitions, and more.
Oldies gear is a must!!!


11AM-5PM @ the Rotunda

Check out unique arts, crafts, and wares - while supporting a one-of-a-kind community performance space.

Due to budget cuts and rising expenses, The Foundation needs your help to keep its level of community programming consistent for the 2004 calendar year. Over the past few years, The Foundation has presented free, all-ages events that are open to the public at The Rotunda. These events have run the gamut from traditional Indian music to DIY punk shows, experimental electronic showcases to puppet-making workshops, political film screenings to dance theater, etc. In effect, The Rotunda has become a safe, friendly, bustling hang-out for all types of art and the people who create it.

Vendor spaces are SOLD OUT, but donations are still being accepted for The Rotunda's sales table.

Please contact us to volunteer, arrange a donation drop off, get your name on the vendor waiting list, sign up for the next flea market, etc.

Included in the vendor list will be the "Makin It" Crafts Collective, on hand to sell their handmade arts and crafts. Live entertainment will be on-site providing music for the flea market (TBA), and refreshments will be available for the hungry and thirsty. Those who don't find what they're looking for, but still want to contribute to The Rotunda can leave a donation in the donation jar.

Fliers: http://www.groovelingo.com/rotunda
More info: Gina at The Rotunda at 215-573-3234/ gina@foundationarts.org, or Tricia Gdowik at trishy@groovelingo.com.


8PM @ the Rotunda

Screening of "Afro-Punk" 66 minute documentary by James Spooner.

Explores race identity within the punk scene. More than your everyday, Behind the Music or typical "Black history month" documentary, this film tackles the hard questions, such as issues of loneliness, exile, inter-racial dating, and black power. The film follows the lives of four people who have dedicated themselves to the punk rock lifestyle. They find themselves in situations that could only happen to someone who had to experience the duality of a person of color in a mostly white community.

The style of this documentary inter-cuts interviews from scores of black punk rockers from all over the nation with scenes from the four protagonists' lives. They come from different regions, generations, genders, and sexual preferences but their stories are the same.

Afro-Punk features performances by Bad Brains, Tamar Kali, Cipher, and Ten Grad. It also contains exclusive interviews by members of fishbone, D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedy's. Carley of Candiria, and Chaka Malik of Orange 9mm fame, to name a few.

Director James Spooner came in to film making out of a passion to tell his story. As a kid, bouncing between the deserts of California and the streets of New York, he was no stranger to duality. Like most kids who end up with a Mohawk at 14, he had a hard time finding a home. The thing that separated him from the other kids fashioning spikes and leather was he is black. In those days, the early 90s, there was no misinterpreting the word "nigger" from white kids. Ebonics had not been put into vogue yet. Walking down the streets of Brooklyn, you didn't see black kids with bright red hair or a ring through their eye brow. Things are different now, or so
one would think. http://www.afropunk.com

The screening event also includes performances by Farm, and Jai Alai Savant.


7PM @ the Rotunda

Ghost Mice (members of Operation:Cliff Clavin, and The Devil is Electric). Acoustic pop/punk with a guitar and fiddle. More bands TBA.


10PM-2AM @ the Rotunda

The Gathering: monthly showcase for hip hop in
Philadelphia. On the last Thursday of every month, Philly's b-boys, emcees, turntablists, and graf writers come out to add their own contributions to feature performances by emcee groups, bands, graffiti panelists, and guest DJs, under the guidance of host I BE and resident DJ M-SKI. The event naturally takes shape from the force of its own audience- over and under 21 alike- the people who make up hip hop culture in Philly.


6PM @ the Rotunda

Sick City Showcase: Monthly punk/rock n roll showcase. This month: FOD (Flag of Democracy), 72 Inch Freedom (Philly punk), Famous in Vegas (new lineup!), and more TBA.



9PM @ the Rotunda


More info: 215.868.1949