summer 2002


8PM @ the Rotunda



9PM @ the Rotunda

THE RASHOMON EFFECT w/ Tomas Jirku, Fidget, Hoopty Heaven, and Zenas[prime]. Video by vj kaboom. play separate, sequential sets, the artists contribute multiple short pieces to an evolving work. All five projects will be set up at the same time. Each will contribute three sets of fifteen minutes apiece. The sets will mix together like a DJ mix, except the “mixing” will be done by the musicians in real time. The event will combine aspects of musical battle, collective improvisation, and collaborative composition. The Rashomon Effect brings the idea of the hip-hop battle to instrumental electronic music. Simultaneously, success for each “opponent” depends on the ability to understand and compliment each other’s style. The nature of the event is to create one collaborative piece comprised of diverse parts as well as interesting transitions.


8PM @ the Rotunda

AIDS Benefit for Doctors w/o Borders (donations accepted)

Performers: Walidah Imarisha, Carlos Gomez, Brent Shuttleworth, Rachel the Poet, Bernard Collins, The Twin Poets + Poetry Slam and Open Mic


8PM @ the Rotunda
David Gerbstadt spoken word n more!


8PM @ the Rotunda

Annual PennCORP show produced in conjunction with Raices Culturales Latinoamericanas


8PM @ the Rotunda

Red Masque and Dysrythmia


8PM @ the Rotunda

215 Noise Crew: Dev79, Zod Records tour