Past Schedule beginning with November 2006
Fri. 11/3/06, 9pm
The Art Of War Lyricist Competition

The Art Of War Lyricist Competition blurs the line between slam poetry and hip-hop in a way that Saul Williams and Russell Simmons could never have imagined.

32 enthusiastic men and women will gather in Philadelphia to experience the heartfelt and intense contest called The Art of War Lyricist Competition. The brainchild of experimental hip hop artist Jalima Shani, this event showcases two spoken urban poetry forms in an entirety new light.

Slam poets will compete along with traditional emcees in 4 rounds each showcasing their lyrical talent, written, and improv abilities. At the end of the evening, the most creative and passionate performer will take home the grand prize of $1,000 (provided by Chuckie Odem Media), amongst other notable prizes.


Performances by: Iron Solomon- Legendary Battle Emcee and host of 'End of The Weak,' New York's Longest running open mic; Jalima Shani(Philadelphia)- Nonsense Records, Artist, Creator of the Art of War, Co-Host, Co-Creator of the upcoming Live from Union Square TV Show; Madd Illz (Orlando)- Breaklanta 5 champ, Battle Basics 2&5 champ, Illfest (Atlanta) champ, Scribble Jam tour (Tampa) champ, Battlegrounds (Kentucky) Champ; DJ Rod One (Orlando)- Nonsense Records

Judges for The Art of War Lyricist Competition include Iron Solomon, a notable Scribble Jam competitor; Ibe-4-Evr of Philadelphia's long-running jam session The Gathering (every last Thursday here at The Rotunda!); Mighty Flipside from the Illvibe Collective; and Godhead, the General co-founder of the T.H.O.R. Takeover emcee cipher held weekly at Medusa Lounge.

Enter The Zone TV has agreed to provide live television coverage for the evening which will air on WWJT channel 7. This network features multi-cultural programming with a broadcast reach of 1.2 million homes in the Philly metro area. Covering the airwaves that night will be 1360 AM's IIour Hip-Hop Show to provide interviews for contestants and play by play details of all the verbal spells being cast by the performers.

Also in attendance will be "Live From Union Square" a new hip hop show being filmed for Rock Me TV, a syndicated internet television network based out of New York which is part Myspace and part MTV.

Admission is $5+


Sat. 11/4/06, 7pm

Big Art Shows give local, unknown, and independent artists a chance to perform and display their work to their peers in an environment that is lead by volunteers who are driven by a passion to create a place devoid of the pressures and of the corporate media.


Elizabeth Core, Sarah Ingerson, Sara C. Scotton, Sarah Maier, Paul Maier, Sheila Helms, FOOL PERIOD, Laura Facenda Photography, Liv Soule, Wendy Goldberg

Dan Slyfield, Digenger, travis applegate, Jim Horwat, Derek Mohr, George Hoffman, James Patterson, Jessica Gamble, Danielle Yurchinkonis, Lindsey Henon, nicole delrossi, George E. Cordero, Maria Pace

Darin Prey-Harbaugh, colleen naughton, Nabeel Muaddi, ruy mejia, Amy M. Boras, Andrew Martyanov, PROJECT peach, jen hitchings, Aestro, Helen Kennedy, Robert L. Jenkins, aj nutter

sarahbean of fuzzheadz, Nose, Mandy Heck, Rose Principe, David Williams, GeekboyPress, Jenn Kakoyannis, LABOLD BROTHERS INK, Michael shane simmons, Genell Canty, Michael Tolbert, Amy Groark, S. Jenx, Monica Pace, Dave Meszaros, David Williams

Music by:

Mr.Marbles –, Screaming Females –, The Silence Kit –, Beast Infection –, Univox –

+ Live Painting!

Download a print-friendly flyer at


Sun. 11/5/06, 12-6pm

NerdCon is a Philadelphia mini convention based in the realm of fandom. Local vendors set up showcasing artwork, home-made crafts and various merchandise such as comic books, toys and action figures, gaming, anime, fantasy, DVDs, video tapes and horror. Local DJs play music throughout the day to help give the event a party atmosphere and keep the energy strong.

NerdCon was developed from the need to have a Philadelphia-based mixed convention that was affordable for both novice vendors and the public. The first NerdCon successfully occurred on Saturday, July 10th 2004.

Nearly 40 vendors will be present!

Vendor Tables are SOLD OUT!

NERDCON. Be there and be square.


Wed. 11/8/06, 7pm

Sherman Community Arts



Alec K Redfearn
"Falling somewhere between psych-folk revival and free jazz, constructed from a diverse and unfashionable set of instruments including accordion, strings, glockenspiel, telephone and pots and pans, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores' fourth full-length is as bizarre as it is appealing. The pieces change from moment to moment, evoking Eastern European folksongs, Indian sitar music, multi-part madrigals and the sweet-sour celebration of circus music. Although largely organic and hand-fashioned, the tracks also include a substantial measure of electronic sounds --"Coke Bugs" is perhaps the most imaginative and musical use ever of that off-the-hook noise your phone makes when you don't quite get it into the cradle.

The dynamic duo of Marylise Frecheville and Eric Boros have been bringing their gypsy turbofolkpunk music and lifestyle to all corners of the world for six years, originally as the rhythm section of the Swiss based performance striptease jazz-punk trio NNY, as the experimental/noise performance project Hermit, and now with Vialka. They have lived in Switzerland, Slovenia, Canada, and are currently calling France their home between tours. Vialka's music, based on the interaction between Marylise's drumming and singing and Eric's guitar playing, draws its influences from traditional and modern music from around the world played with ecstatic energy and a sophisticated musical language all their own. They released their
first two albums "Tonight I Show You Fuck" and
"Republic Of The Bored & Boring" on Manufracture
Recordings, and have released "Everywhere & Nowhere", a DVD documenting their work together over the first five years, and first full-length album "Curiosities Of Popular Customs", recorded by Bob Drake at Studio Midi-Pyrénées, and their latest release - a split with Israeli klezmercore unit Kruzenshtern I Parohod (co-released with AurisMedia in Israel); all on their newly-founded "VIA" label. Vialka is not just a musical project, but a social scientific experiment, attempting to meet and communicate with interesting and unknown musicians and artists from around the world - with particular interest in polluted dictatorships, bleak colonies, and monarchic democracies. They have toured extensively in over fourty countries (100+ concerts per year) across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, and have collaborated with Italian saxophonist Jacopo Andreini, Macedonian artist collective OPA, French cinematographer Laurent Varlet, Swiss cinematographer Sébastien Riond, French eco-designer Cédric Carles, members of the Chinese punk band SDL, the legendary former-CAN singer Damo Suzuki, and New Zealand drummer Kieran Monaghan.

Fence Kitchen
From 2002 to the present, Tim Harbeson has employed Fence Kitchen as both alter-ego and vehicle for exploring his interest in multi-disciplinary solo performance. This perpetual work in progress at times involves puppetry and ambient setting and lighting with original music played live and/or as recorded soundtrack, while at other times, is presented as a purely musical performance. As the music is the impetus and context for Fence Kitchen-- an integral component of the mesmerizing dreamscape of objects and
created environment and an extractable, stand-alone export of the world it infuses-- Beading The Rook is both a document, and a continuance, of this ongoing flight of fancy.

Set in a dark and baroque atmosphere, the music of f! inspires ones alter-ego to wake and attempt the waltz of death. The compositions of this highly experimental music go beyond any categorization, as each piece invokes a film score of its own. The ultimate cartoon score for high society. Music for the villian. A love
story between good and evil. The music pulls from influences around the world, tweaking the knobs of classical composers such as Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Wagner. Twisting parisian polka and italian opera into avant insanity, while capturing
odd timed breakbeat drums infused with polyrhythmic surf bop. The influences are enormous, from Cab Calloway, Frank Zappa and Tom Waits, to Bulgarian wedding music, Kabuki theater, Transylvanian Klezmer and Javanese Gamelan.

Pepi Ginsberg
"After hearing Pepi's Ginsberg songs I can say, with conviction, that a true poet is among us. Culling from the vast histories of blues and folk music, with a bent for experimentation, Pepi takes her knowledge of language and carves a picture of reality that is nuanced and profound, born of abstraction, yet delivered in a way that any can know it. Sharp, decisive and wise beyond her years, Ginsberg moves freely between the world she has created and the world we live in, maintaining a vision that guides our understanding. Her words satiate while her voice emanates from within, conjuring the spirits of jazz and blues singers from decades past, with a strength and beauty that nails you to your seat. Pepi Ginsberg's songs demand us to hear them, speaking with a fresh tongue, truths of this generation." -Gregory Best

Thu. 11/9/06, 8pm

Andrew's Video Vault Presents
Second Thursdays

This month's program is "A Little Night Music"

(1948, 1.33:1, 87 minutes, B&W)
"Moms" Mabley oversees a boarding house of down-'n-out vaudevillians, including Dusty Fletcher, who put on a show to earn the rent.  Fresh and unapologetically unrefined.  Featuring show stopping performances from alluringly coy singer-pianist Una Mae Carlisle, rapscallions Stump and Stumpy, and the legendary "Crip" Heard -- a dancer with only one leg and one arm!

(1996, 1.85:1, 116 minutes, Color)
Robert Altman's under-loved gangster mosaic is centered around Harry Belafonte's Hey-Hey Club where the jazz is red hot and crime & politics go hand in hand.  With Jennifer Jason Leigh, Miranda Richardson and Dermot Mulroney.

(1939, 1.33:1, 70 minutes, B&W)
Edgar G. Ulmer's All Black Cast musical about pimp Dollar Bill and his wicked ways with women.


Fri. 11/10/06, 7pm

The Doohickey Project comes to Philadelphia!

This is an event to learn about womyn and trans reproductive health.

ALL genders are welcome.

Workshops include anatomy, menstruation, physiology and fertility cycles, abortion options, and facilitated discussion on starting local health collectives and networking.

We will also screen the films "Jane: An Abortion Service" and "March for Women's Lives."

More info:

Sun. 11/12/06, 7pm

Melange Theatre, "Live" was founded and created to provide talented people with a stage on which to experiment, gain exposure, develop or maintain a following, network with other east coast entertainers, gain publicity, market merchandise, and maintain a performance level in times of "performance famine"... In short, to have a great time performing in a no stress, non-competitive environment. At the heart of Melange Theatre's philosophy is the rationale that talent needs to be valued, respected, nurtured, encouraged and given the opportunity to mature, develop and grow without financial encumbrance.

Appearing this month:

Penni Gould (Vocalist)
Mixed Pickles (Vintage Dance Troupe)
Lindsay Kathe Mauk (Vocalist)
Alexandra Pungitore (Vocalist)
Marieke Van Vugt (Ballet)
Bill Keough (Stand-up Comedy)
Tom Detrik (Singer-Songwriter)
Laurie Halloran (Vocalist)
Kate Quinn (Singer-Songwriter)
Sarah Judge (Singer-Songwriter)
Joanne Joella (Vocalist)
Sarah Pardys (Vocalist)
Carla Mariani (Keyboards)

At Melange Theatre, "Live", the magic happens fueled solely by the energy of pure bliss that comes from producing something important and beneficial without a profit motive. This is truly "theater for the joy of theatre". The talented professionals that perform at Melange Theatre, "Live" come from all over the country and the world. They are from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, but they all have one thing in common: extreme talent and the burning desire to entertain.

TO AUDITION: please contact Penni Gould: 215-923-1790;
Carla Mariani: 215-732-5443


Tue. 11/14/06, 7pm

Black Magic Woman Productions
Staged Reading Series 2006

"Split Second" by
Dennis McIntyre

Directed by Karen Vix

When racism rears its ugly head, an ordinary cop - one who's prided himself on doing the 'right' thing - makes a deadly decision that changes his life forever.


Wed. 11/15/06, 7pm and 9pm
Mon. 11/20/06, 8pm
Wed. 11/22/06, 7pm and 9pm


"One the of the gems of [the 2006]
Live Arts Festival"

$15 adults
$10 students
$8 kids 12 and under
Seating is limited.




CURRENTLY FRANKLIN: THE STORY OF A PAPER BOY is a multi-media performance by Sebastienne Mundheim

Giant buckle shoes, moving sculptures, dancers, comic actors, puppetry, a lyrical script, and eclectic soundscape.

Currently Franklin is a delight to watch, and a pleasure to hear. It stretches the aesthetics of storytelling, illuminates history, and entertains as it follows the story of Franklin from childhood, where he longs to be a sailor, through his life as printer, scientist, and diplomat.

Throughout its Spring tour, this show engaged and mesmerized diverse audiences, from children as young as 3 to college students to Franklin scholars.

Featuring: Karin Bookbinder, Kate Carr, Charlie Delmarcelle, Aaron Mumaw, and Sebastienne Mundheim

Sound Design: James Sugg and Sebastienne Mundheim

If you couldn't get a ticket for Currently Franklin during the Live Arts Festival in September 2006, get one now!

Wednesday, NOV 15th at 7pm and 9pm;
Monday, NOV 20th at 8pm;
Wednesday, NOV 22nd at 7pm and 9pm

"Brilliant set work, ingenious interpretative movement, wonderfully creative puppetry"
- Philadelphia Weekly, Brian Howard, Sept. 2006

"Not only full of charm, it’s full of information and ideas. Suitable for children, as well as everybody else. Mundheim's commitment is clearly to both education and to art and it is a pleasure to see so much imagination harnessed to the task of teaching important and interesting lessons."
- Philadelphia Inquirer, Toby Zinman, Sept. 2006


Thu. 11/16/06, 8pm

Ars Nova Workshop

Lay All Over It
with Jason Ajemian, double-bass/vocals;
Noritaka Tanaka, drums
Listen here)

with Todd Margasak, cornet; Dan Blacksberg, trombone; Toshi Makihara, drums;
and Michael Szekely, drums

with David Laganella, el. guitar; Matthew Lee, alto saxophone; Jon Barrios, double-bass; and Philip Horwitz, drums

"Starting with pre-composed melodic fragments, the music moves organically from Tanaka's fierce swirling grooves to Ajemian's meditative, standalone arco passages. Ajemian adds spontaneous vocals that range from howled chants to original poems sung as the kind of raw, plaintive folk music that the native of Virginia's mountain country seems to have in his blood."
- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Chicago bassist Jason Ajemian studied with bassist Rufus Reid and Kevin Norton (Anthony Braxton). Active ensembles include Born Heller (with Josephine Foster), A Cushicle (with Jeff Parker), Dragons 1976, Mandarin
Movie, Ken Vandermark's Crisis Ensemble, Triage, and The Chicago Underground Trio. Tonight, he performs with Noritaka Tanaka, who was born in Fukuoka,
Japan, currently involved with projects including the Cushicle (Jason Ajemian, Jeff Parker, and Selina Trepp), the Electronicians (Jason Ajemian, Matt Lux, Aram Shelton), and Teizaiha (Joshua Abrams, Tim Daisy).

Also on the bill is the debut of Todd Margasak's Double Duo. Cornetist Todd Margasak spent the formative years of his musical life in Chicago, as a student of the late A.A.C.M. trumpeter Ameen Muhammad and as a part of the then-burgeoning north side scene championed by Ken Vandermark. He currently resides in Philadelphia, where he is a member of Sonic Liberation Front, a
frequent collaborator with percussionist Toshi Makihara, and a member of San Francisco-based reedist Scott Rosenberg's Red.


Fri. 11/17/06, 8pm

Series for experimental and electronic music
Third Fridays

Featured this month:

MENOIR :: abstract idm/ambient/sound collage

BEN FLEURY-STEINER :: dark atmospheric electronics

SYNTHETIC BLOCK (with special guest Dave Fulton) :: progressive ambient music

THE GREAT QUENTINI :: homemade instruments & performance art

THEATRE OF THE MIND :: live visuals

MENOIR: Jeff Bechtel has been performing with various ensembles in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. Menoir pieces are mostly live, real time performances. They use live and prerecorded sonic elements that are triggered and manipulated in real time through a large variety of digital processes. Even though a particular set of sounds or processes might be associated with a given piece, a very large array of vastly different versions are possible. Sound sources often consist of homebuilt electronics and instruments, and custom software. A significant portion of his recent performances are built around the PureData audio programming language, which allows some wildly biomorphic and complex composition. The music has foundations in IDM / ambient / abstract / noise aesthetics, but doesn't rely heavily on any particular style.

BEN FLEURY-STEINER has been making atmospheric music for well over a decade. After years of tape recorded experiments, computers have enabled him to extend his sound experiments into a strange hybrid of musique concrete; combining samples, found sounds, and processing using Audiomulch software. In recent years, Fleury-Steiner has expanded his musique concrete vocabulary with midi-driven ambient elements, organic drone and feedback created with electric guitar played with ebow, a hardware looper, and numerous pedal effects. In addition to running and releasing music on his Wilmington, Delaware based label, Gears of Sand, Fleury-Steiner has released music on Dissonance (U.S.), Umbra (Italy), and the Mystery Sea (Belgium) labels. A forthcoming release, "He Dreams in Rivers" will be released early next year by Taalem Records (Paris, France).

SYNTHETIC BLOCK: Jonathan Block has been recording and releasing electronic music for over 20 years. He created the term “progressive ambient music” to describe his explorations of the ambient, space and progressive domains. Block’s latest CD, Escape Velocity, is available on the Gears of Sand label. Other CDs have been released on labels such as Hypnos and Mindspore. Block's next CD, Means of Ascent, will be released on Gears of Sand in 2007.

Dave Fulton is a founding member of Portland Oregon's Dweller at the Threshold. He has done several solo and side projects that have included two CDs with Hypnos recording artist Mike Griffin and another with Holland's Free System Project. Dave is currently finishing work with Giles Reaves on a soon to be released project.

This show marks the debut live performance of Fulton and Block together.

THE GREAT QUENTINI: From his web site " I am a performance artist and a sculptor. I make costumes and musical sculptures out of found materiels. I have shows in which I wear costumes, play these musical sculptures, and tell humorous stories; acting out the parts the defy words. These stories are often from my life experience."



Sat. 11/18/06, 7pm

Philly Youth Poetry Slam
An effort to develop the youth talent in the Philadelphia area by mentoring young poets in the art of performance and slam poetry, giving the youth an opportunity to perform on a national level as representatives of Philly in the National Youth Poetry Slam. 

This will include workshops, support, instruction, and supervision by recognized local talent to prepare the Philly team. The mission is to bridge the generation gap for performance poetry by connecting veteran performers, producers, and musicians with the talented youth of the city who are anxious to carry on the torch by continuing the legacy of their predecessors.

Youth must be 13-19 years of age to participate.

Sun. 11/19/06, 2-4pm

Black Public Issues Forum

Civil Alert World and The Coalition will present a "Meeting of the Minds" Forum.

The topic will be Empowering Ourselves Through Knowledge Of The Law. There will be a panel of special guests and an open Q&A session.

For more information contact Sabir Bey 267.918.5538, or listen in to Civil Alert World Friday nights at 9pm on WURD 900AM 215.634.8065



Tue. 11/21/06, 7:30pm

3rd Tuesday

A monthly event co-ordinated by Jerry Perna & Gerald van Wilgen devoted to new written works presents:

Jerry Perna

A consideration of music, the role it plays in our lives and the price (often determined by Goldmine Magazine) we must eventually pay!

The '3' are:

Luigi & Brian: The Gospel According To Luigi Pirandello and Brian Wilson
Watch the Fun as Italian Surrealist Playwright Luigi Pirandello joins Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys in a creative exchange over Time & Space...Sanity & The Other Thing!! Adapted from Luigi's ENRICO IV and the interviews of Brian Wilson

The Music & The Mythology of Francis Albert Sinatra...Deconstructed
One Man's Battle With His Father, His Heritage and The Great American Songbook (as intro-ed by Sid Mark!)

Speaking in Lyrics
The Joys & Pitfalls of Record Collecting!


Mon. 11/27, 7:15pm

Every Monday, join us in the practice of Yoga instructed by Maryte Curran.

Maryte teaches Vinyasa Yoga, which means movement is matched to the breath. The class also includes guided meditation. This class is perfect for both beginmers and people who have some yoga experience. We welcome all shapes, ages, and anyone who is looking to achieve spiritual and physical fitness.

The requested fee is $10.00 per class. A large portion of each class payment will be donated directly to Rotunda programs.

Instructor Bio
Maryte was first introduced to Hatha Yoga 9 years ago. Two and a half years ago, she became more consistent, practicing on a daily basis. In May 2006, she completed a teacher training workshop
at Studio B in Northern Liberties, and is continuing to take yoga workshops.


Tue. 11/28/06, 8pm

RHYTHM&BREWS Productions
A Dischord Affair
Music Extravaganza
Proceeds going to Strings for Schools, a local non-profit organization committed to spreading music education to the disadvantaged youth of Philadelphia.
Featuring and Penn and Philadelphia’s elite acts, aiming to show the wide array and diverse musical talents that this community has to offer.

Performances by:
Hayling Price
Malik Smith
Onda Latina
Excelano Project

Dischord is a co-ed a cappella group from the University of Pennsylvania. Established in the fall of 1998, Dischord has a unique repertoire consisting of modern songs from a variety of musical styles and genres.

Hayling Price aka Vocab is a conscious hip-hop artist hailing from New Rochelle, NY. Influenced by old school soul, funk and jazz of all kinds, Hayling Price brings an eclectic and gravitating style to his music.

Malik Smith, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, brings a perfect blend of soul and R&B. This pianist/singer/songwriter has already recorded more than two albums of his infectious melodies.

Onda Latina is the premier Latin dance troupe at the University of Pennsylvania created in the fall of 1996 with the common vision to educate the PENN community about Caribbean and Latino culture through dance.

The Excelano Project is a collective of spoken word poets dedicated to using art and expression as a means to spread their message to the Philadelphia community.

Polymer is an explosive rock band from Philadelphia that has developed a reputation for having one of the most energetic stage shows around. Polymer’s music is original rock, highlighted by their catchy songwriting, elaborate instrumentation and four part vocals.

The event will feature a raffle that will also go towards Strings for Schools as well. Tickets are $5 and with the purchase of a ticket you receive a raffle ticket. All additional raffle tickets are $1.


Wed. 11/29/06, 7pm

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network meets here on Final Wednesdays

This chapter is a diverse group of holistic parents from across the city of Philadelphia, welcoming all area moms (and dads) with an interest in natural health and mindful parenting.

This group's goal is to develop a dynamic and thriving local community of holistic parents with a wide range of interests and to explore a variety of topics related to holistic living and parenting. This chapter was created in July 2004 and has since grown into a wonderful community!

Interested moms and dads are invited to attend a trial meeting to learn more about this community.

Dads, grandparents, partners, and other caregivers are also welcome as members. Even future parents will find that this organization is a great place to learn and make new friends! Moms-to-be and new moms are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and seek to be informed.


Thu. 11/30/06, 10pm-2am

The Gathering

Established in 1997, The Gathering is the longest-running Hiphop event in Philly, and welcomes
b-boys/b-girls, pop-lockers, emcees, graffiti writers, DJs, men, women, and children of all ages to enjoy this organic, community-based celebration of Hiphop.

DJs Ambush, Fatcat, Deuce, Double E, Skeme Richards, and Nex Millen spin Hiphop, breaks, and funk all night, and there are open cyphers, a tag wall, and a featured performance and graffiti panel each month.


Fri. 12/1/06 and Sat. 12/2/06, 7:30pm

Puppet Uprising
The 7th Annual Year-End Cabaret
and Great Big Cheap Art Bazaar!

Two nights jam-packed with short puppet shows, art and music for everyone!

The Great Quentini
Michele Posadas
The Skekses
Trash Worship
& Ramshackle Enterprises

Cheap Art Bazaar begins at 7:30, Cabaret at 8pm.
Admission is FREE — Feel free to make a DONATION


Every December, Puppet Uprising puts together a roster of short puppet shows by local and out-of-town artists for our Year-End Cabaret. 2006 brings together pieces that were featured at puppetry festivals in Pittsburgh and North Carolina, along with some world premieres.

The jolly Trash Worship elves (known colloquially as Yanbukis) have been toiling away on sackfuls of "Trash-To-Toys" for the impending holly--daze, and join resident painters and printmakers, potters and knitters, zinesters and scensters, at our 7th Annual Giant Cheap Art Bazaar.

The whole shebang will be sweetened by the sounds of live Balkan dance music — horns, strings, drums, accordions, and yes, real live Balkans!

"You already know enough. So do I," wrote Swedish author Sven Lindquist. "It's not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions." Inspired by these words, two pieces of luggage and some clowning, Beth Nixon (Ramshackle Enterprises) mumbles, paddles and bathes her way from "Right Here" to "Over There" in her new show, Is Enough Enough?

The Great Quentini debuts a piece combining sound sculpture, costumed movement, and humanettes (human heads on tiny puppet bodies) to bring about bizarre stories that take us beyond our times.

One question gets more than a simple answer when suitcase puppeteer Michele Posadas (Justice Works) asks "How Did I Get Here?" and connects the dots on a road trip to the colonial Philippines, the battlefields of World War II, and the dating bar that brought her into this world.

MeansOfProductions (Daniel Lang/Levitsky from New York's Chinese Theater Works and Jews Against the Occupation) evokes words from modern Lebanon and medieval Iberia in Muqaddimah, a one-man montage of shifting images from Brooklyn to Beirut that remake the senses, the cities, and the heart.

In last year's episode of Birds of a Feather, the Skekses (Sharon Wasko and Shannon Dunham, creators of Star Search) showed us how the power of wishes and whirled peas can help extraordinary entrees escape the clutches of holiday mastication. What have our handpuppet heroes been up to since? Come to Puppet Uprising's Year-End Cabaret and find out!


Sun. 12/3/06, 10am-5pm

Uhuru Holiday Bazaar
* Socially Conscious Holiday Shopping! *

The bazaar is a fundraiser for the Uhuru Movement programs for social and economic justice for the African community.

With gifts from local artists and businesses selling:

* Jewelry
* Ethnic arts & craft
* Collectibles
* Artwork
* Books
* Clothing & accessories
* Beauty & bath products
* Home decor
* Food, music & more!

Sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. For more information, including
vending or volunteering,
contact 215-387-0919 or



Mon. 12/4/06, 7:15pm

Yoga for Life


Tue. 12/5/06, 7pm

Black Magic Woman Productions
Staged Reading Series 2006

"Anna Lucasta"
a drama by Philip Yordan

Directed by Lenny Daniels

A torrid tale of love and greed, this 1950s Broadway hit stands as a a cautionary tale of what can happen when money, lies and deceit creative havoc in a family lost to themselves.

Read by:
Joseph Blake, Kamal Bostic-Smith, Jada Copeland, Nakia Dillard, David Goodman, Keith Henley, Tyrone Holt, Connie Norwood, Salama Shani, Cathy Simpson, Roderick Slocum, Millicent Sparks, Mets Suber, and Brandon Young.

A short Talk Back will follow the reading.



Wed. 12/6/06, 8pm

Hip Hop for Palestine

A Fundraiser for SlingShot Hip Hop
Temple University Students for Justice for Palestine

Admission: Sliding scale $5-$15


Powerful poetry by:

Jacob Winterstein (Philly)
Walidah Imarisha (Philly)
Taina Asili (Philly)
Carlos Andres Gomez (NYC)

Live Hip Hop by:

Son of Nun (revolutionary Hip Hop from B-more)
Iron Sheik (DC)
Mental Notes (experimental Hip Hop fusion band from NYC)

Graffiti by The Legendary Pose 2 and Kasso

This event needs VOLUNTEERS the night of the event. If you can help, set up, break down, run tables etc. Please email with VOLUNTEER in the subject line.

If you would like to RENT A TABLE for $25 to sell products or give out information, Please email with TABLE in the subject line.

If you have any PICTURES from Palestine please email with PHOTOS in the subject line and descriptions of your photos in the body.


Thu. 12/7/06, 9pm-1am

The Klasik Hip Hop Movement
The Philly King World DJ Championship

Featuring DJ Cash Money
Hosted by Lady B
Performance by Reef the Lost Cauze

$7 General
$5 Students, Klasik Hip Hop Movement members

There are 16 DJ slots. The fee to compete is $25.
First come, first to battle. Register early!

Prizes include a Rane TTM57 Serato DJ Mixer

Register at 610-457-3493 or

Judges include:
Damon "Dame Scribble" (Hip Hop columnist)
and Medley Music (manufacturers and representatives of Rane, Vestex, Numark, and Shure)

Fri. 12/8/06, 8pm


composed works by Samuel Burt and Cory Kasprzyk
elise blake, violin
rose hammer, alto saxophone
ming-hui lin, cello
martha morrison, violin cameron raecke, viola

works for solo marimba and electronics

dan blacksberg, trombone
katt hernandez, violin
brandon seabrook, guitar, banjo

ben remsen, acoustic guitar
jake anodide, acoustic guitar

composed works by Samuel Burt and Cory Kasprzyk

Works by Burt...
Inconsequential Prophecies, (alto saxophone, violin, and cello)
Recorded Sounds from Baltimore, musique concrete
Global Tranquility, Unstable Locality, (string quartet and electronics)

Works by Kasprzyk...
Schema , op. 27 (viola and interactive electronics)
Degradations III-b , op. 22 (prerecorded electronics)
field recording utilized in the power or means to decide to precede the work...
the power or means to decide , op. 23 (string quartet)

What does a listener remember after he hears a new piece music? Each listener hears through a different set of musical experiences. Illusory Correlations is a performance exploring the construction of auditory experiences for an audience, and the interpretation or misinterpretation of the composer's intended musical messages. A composer may or may not try to make clear his musical intentions and what he purposes might be lost on his audience. The listeners with their own experiences may interpret the auditory information in ways that may exaggerate or diminish what the composer has invested and may even find value in aspects the composer did intend. The composer has provided the vessel in which more than just his ruminations on music can reside. We intend to investigate the boundaries of this phenomenon with a performance of newly composed works. We hope that you will be a part of the performance as observers and test subjects. [link]


works for solo marimba and electronics

Allan Schindler: Precipice
Stephen Dembski: Tender Buttons
Roger Reynolds: Islands From Archipelago: II. Autumn Island

Nathaniel Bartlett was born in 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin. He studied at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY), the Royal Academy of Music (London), and with the renowned marimbist, Leigh Howard Stevens. As an integral part of being dedicated to an instrument of our time (the modern marimba), he is also dedicated to the music of our time – constantly seeking out composers with whom to collaborate in the creation of new repertoire for the instrument. Recent collaboration projects include new music from Allan Schindler (Precipice), Augusta Read Thomas (Silhouettes), Greg Wilder (Interlude), and Jon Forshee (Verse From the Aethersphere). In particular, Nathaniel is interested in the integration of computers and other electronics in live performance, creating a high-definition, multi-dimensional, sound environment. In October 2005, Nathaniel finished the recording for his debut solo marimba album. The repertoire consists entirely of recent music by living American composers, featuring three world premiere recordings. The disc (a hybrid multi-channel SACD), entitled Precipice, will be released by Albany Records on August 1st, 2006. [link]


dan blacksberg, trombone
katt hernandez, violin
brandon seabrook, guitar, banjo

Daniel Blacksberg is a trombonist who is starting to make waves in jazz and improvised music along the East coast. He has performed with such acclaimed artists as Joe Morris, local and Joe Maneri in Boston and New York. A recent returnee to Philadelphia, Daniel is diving in to the exciting scene, playing with Toshi Makihara in a brass/drums quartet and with Dustin Hurt in Blackbird Daniel is graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, where he had the privilege of learning from many master teachers and talented peers.


ben remsen, acoustic guitar
jake anodide, acoustic guitar

Jake and Ben both started playing music on brass instruments, trumpet and trombone. As teenagers, they learned to play guitar for the obvious reasons. They both went to college in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where they got into bands like Don Caballero, Shellac, and Oxes. They played in bands ripping those bands off, including one with each other. More recently they've gotten into Afro-pop and the Reich/Riley type of minimalism -- arguably just to figure out where Ian Williams got his ideas. They've long been into John Fahey, both of them have, and last year they decided to see about trying an acoustic guitar duo. Jake also plays in the Magnet City Kids, a Philly party band, though he hates to party. Ben also plays in the Reptile Scum, an improv group in Tokyo, though he left Tokyo over two years ago.


Sat. 12/9/06, 8:30pm

Agent Moosehead
The Hydrogen Jukebox
The Bottom Feeders

Simply put, Agent Moosehead is a Jazz/Rock combo that plays tonally vibrant and rhythmically exhausting music ranging from a robotic polyrhythmic fanfare to a whisper quiet harmonic wave to a boisterous heavy funk assault. Agent Moosehead is: Chris Dippolito (guitars and vocals), Pete Dippolito (electric and upright bass), Jon McNally (drums), John Britley (Rhodes piano, and synthesizer), Dave Fishkin (alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and vocals), and Matt Erlinger (clarinet)

Where can one find prophetic yet squeaky clowns, frenetic spoken word, mannequin head idols, and numerous musicians sharing (and sometimes crowding) the stage, incorporating electric guitar, drums, and bass, with hand percussion, didgeridoo, horns, toy instruments and noisemakers, and so much more? Nearly all of this - as well as some surprises - can be found at a single Hydrogen Jukebox show. They are not simply a band, but a happening, a facilitator for the odd and fringe to be coerced out into the light. The sound of Hydrogen Jukebox can be very intense, rapid fire music that is built and crafted by musicians who enter songs at different points, but it can also be just as laid back and trance- inducing at times. Elements of jazz, rock, psychedelia, and more are not uncommon here.

The Bottomfeeders feature the lower extremities of the woodwind and brass families, Contra alto clarinet, its Baritone saxophone counterpart and trombone with a rythm section that can feature extra percussion or multiple bass players. Performing primarily originals
with dedications to our subteranean nature, with a healthy mix of influences as diverse as Lee "Scratch" Perry, Charles Mingus, Funkadelic and Tom Waits with a dose of free jazz and punk rock to spike the punch. Composer/Contra altoist Daniel Peterson's music can be
found at, though this newest project, the Bottomfeeders, is as yet unrecorded.


Sun. 12/10/06, 12-3pm

The Liberty Center for the Survivors of Torture welcomes you to
CELEBRATE Diversity, Justice and Human Dignity
and Commemorate
United Nations International Human Rights Day


Multi-ethnic music performances
Craft activities from around the world
Information about the Liberty Center's international collaboratives
Multi-cultural games
Free Trade Market
Global Arts for gift giving

All proceeds from this event will support the Liberty Center's International Program



Association of Comadronas of the Area Mam Casa Maternal y Nacimiento :El Comienzo y Esperenza Concepción Chiqurichapa, Quetzeltenango, Guatemala

ACAM is an association of traditional Mayan midwives who serve women in the rural areas of Quetzeltenango in a sanitary birthing center that respects and utilizes local spiritual and cultural methods of childbirth.

The Liberty Center, in collaboration with ACAM, has initiated a women's Restoration Program (Vivir) to address issues of institutional and gender-based violence in the lives of Mayan women.

The program offers bi-annual trainings for traditional healers and leaders to increase their knowledge and power to confront violence in the lives of women including trauma, models of healing, community organization, and self-protection.

The program sponsors a local Mayan Mam social worker dedicated to working with women in addressing the consequence of violence at every level of their lives (economic, legal, psychological and spiritual).


African Grassroots Development Action International-Dschang, Cameroon

ADAP is a volunteer agency of local leaders who support programs to confront needs, in the areas of health, education, community development and social marginalization within the Balimike community. ADAP assist health clinics, HIV Programs, orphanages, and preschool/ after school programs in rural areas to provide life-sustaining services to over 10,000 individuals.

The Liberty Center, in collaboration with ADAP provides annual training for local leaders to increase their capacity in specialty areas (health, trauma and education), organizational development and community organization.  

The leadership development model utilized by the Liberty Center includes on-going technical assistance to the ADAP U.S. based-board through monthly meetings to support and guide the ADAP programs internationally.


Volunteers for the Care of Abused and Abandoned Children
Monrovia, Liberia

VOCAAC is a volunteer organization of local professionals who provide programs for women and children residing in displaced communities addressing issues of war trauma, human rights, economic self-sufficiency and empowerment.

The Liberty Center in collaboration with VOCAAC provides a yearly training on issues related to providing professional services in a post-conflict environment, as well as organizational development, grant writing and program evaluation.

The Liberty Center sponsors a Women's Empowerment Center, which includes a computer-training program, micro-enterprise training, Internet café, and community gardens. The Liberty Center promotes economic self-sufficiency and the maintenance of restoration based services for women and children directed by survivors of violence in Liberia.

The Liberty Center is a project of Lutheran Children and Family Service which serves families in need, and is affiliated with Liberty Lutheran Services (non-profit organizations).


Sun. 12/10/06, 7pm

Melange Theatre, "Live" was founded and created to provide talented people with a stage on which to experiment, gain exposure, develop or maintain a following, network with other east coastentertainers, gain publicity, market merchandise, and maintain a performance level in times of "performance famine"... In short, to have a great time performing in a no stress, non-competitive environment. At the heart of Melange Theatre's philosophy is the rationale that talent needs to be valued, respected, nurtured, encouraged and given the opportunity to mature, develop and grow without financial encumbrance.

Appearing this month:

TOM DETRIK - Singer Songwriter
PENNI GOULD - Pop/Alternative/Standards/Broadway
PETER MARINARI-Singer Songwriter
BILL KEOUGH-Stand - up Comedy
KATE QUINN - Opera/Singer Songwriter
CARLA MARIANI-Piano Accompaniment

At Melange Theatre, "Live", the magic happens fueled solely by the energy of pure bliss that comes from producing something important and beneficial without a profit motive. This is truly "theater for the joy of theatre". The talented professionals that perform at Melange Theatre, "Live" come from all over the country and the world. They are from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, but they all have one thing in common: extreme talent and the burning desire to entertain.

A $7 donation will be encouraged at the door, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

TO AUDITION: please contact Penni Gould: 215-923-1790; Carla Mariani: 215-732-5443


Mon. 12/11/06, 3-6:30pm

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Annual Winter Exhibit
Opening Reception

If you cannot attend the opening, please be sure to check out VIEWING HOURS Mondays and Thursdays 10am-5pm, through January 25. No viewing hours on Mondays Dec. 25, Jan. 1, or Jan. 15.

From the Phila. Mural Arts Program:
" On behalf of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, we would like to invite you to our Annual Winter Exhibit, an exhibition & sale featuring works created by youth from our Big Picture and Mural Corps Art Education programs. The opening reception for this exhibition will be on this date, with a special performance by Spoken Word artist, Ursula Rucker** from 5pm until 6pm. The proceeds from the artwork sales will go directly to the young artists.

Big Picture is a year-long mural-training and art education program serving over 350 students ages 10 to 18 under the guidance of professional artists.

Mural Corps is an intensive advanced program designed to engage high school youth in the mural making process while providing mentorship with professional muralists.

This gallery show and sale is an integral part of these art education programs, providing an ideal opportunity to celebrate our students' individual achievements.

If you have any questions about this exhibit or the Mural Arts Program's Art Education programs in general, please feel free to contact us by calling 215-685-0753 or by e-mailing We appreciate your continued support of our programs and hope you can join us for this very special event.

**Ursula Rucker has never been afraid to take it there. There, that place, deep, inside, up and above, where she carves emotion with piercing lyrical cadence. There, where poetry and music intertwine, melodies and words mingle. On her third album, Rucker sets her sights There, aspiring towards an ancient Egyptian kemetic principle, the foundation of universal order and balance — ma’at — truth. Hence the album title: ma’at mama.

From her native Philadelphia, Rucker’s affinity for crafting words catapulted her message into hungry ears when she began to read publicly in 1994 at Zanzibar. The Temple University journalism graduate struck a chord in Philly’s soul that reverberated around the world with her mezzo-soprano speak. Her recordings with the Silent Poets, Jamaaladeen Tacoma and Josh Wink captured the public’s imagination, so when Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson asked her to compose the final cuts on three consecutive Roots albums, she found an eager international following.

True to form, Rucker’s albums are poetry in motion, guided by a time signature that speaks to the human experience with honesty and poignancy. Sensuality oozes without abandon in “Black Erotica.” She kicks straight goodness in the acapella “Church Party”, an ode to the glory days with clear imagery. They all stand in a buffalo stance/B-boy posin’/Skin and style pressed up against church hall wall/3-D graffiti hit/Somebody say, Exotic! Exotic!

Rucker, a global activist, enlightens in the recording studio and at her powerful live shows. Recently she has performed at FREEDOM Festival in Australia, to raise awareness for Amnesty International’s global “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign. By her own definition, she is ma’at mama to the core.

Oh yes, she’s gone there, to that place.

Mon. 12/11/06, 7:15pm

Yoga for Life


Tue. 12/12/06, 7pm

A Concert & Reading by
Cassendre Xavier
a.k.a. Amethyste Rah

Founder of BWAF Philly™ – the Black Women’s Arts Festival™
Recipient of the 2005 Leeway Foundation's Tranformation Award

Sharing work from her chapbooks, CDs, and new release "Live at Tin Angel"

With very special guests Karen Smith, Felicia Webster, Davina' Stewart, Susanna Calvin Thomas, and James Claiborne

24-hour Artist Inspiration/CX Performance Hotline:
(215) 552-8710


Thu. 12/14/06, 10am-5pm

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Annual Winter Exhibit

Mondays and Thursdays 10am-5pm, through January 25. No viewing hours on Mondays Dec. 25, Jan. 1, or Jan. 15.


Thu. 12/14/06, 8pm

Andrew's Video Vault
(Second Thursdays)

This month's program is
Silk Stockings Remix

(1934, 1.33:1, 96 minutes, B&W)
Grigori Alexandrove’s Soviet musical comedy of mistaken identities starring Lyubov Orlova as a lass falling in love with Leonid Utesov.

(1978, 1.33:1, 97 minutes, B&W and Color)
Richard R. Schidt’s mockumentary of a dying librarian’s quest to mount a production of Showboat. Call it, Waiting for Edna Ferber


Fri. 12/15/06, 8pm

Series for experimental and electronic music
Third Fridays

Featured this month:

DANIEL BLACKSBERG & FRIENDS :: performing John Zorn's improv game piece "COBRA"

CHAKRA KHAN/AIR PIRATES :: guitar/drum free jazz duo


DANIEL BLACKSBERG leads a group of improvisers in a performance of John Zorn's famous game piece Cobra.

Cobra is performed often around the world, officially, under Zorn's direction and unnoficially, in "renegade" versions that occur regularly, often as a result of Zorn's visits. This "renegade" performance of Zorn's most well known composition is a way to bring his music to a city that rarely gets to experience it live.

Cobra is Zorn's most comprehensive game piece, which are pieces for groups of improvisers guided by rules derived from sports and board games, as well as game theory. Each unique performance involves a prompter/conductor that a myriad of cues from the players through the use of cue cards that give a specific musical direction. These direction cover a huge range of musical possibilities, from solos to mass textures to layering duos to instant cartoon soundtracks.

Cobra is a piece of music that casts the act of group improvisation in a light that puts many of the usually internal musical choices of the players out in the open for people to see. The composer has said about the piece: "At its worst it can become psychodrama… at its best it's like magic." Psychodrama or magic, Cobra is a powerful musical experience that is often exciting and always unique


CHAKRA KHAN/AIR PIRATES is Nick Millevoi (guitar) and Julius Masri (drums).

Nick Millevoi is a guitarist and guitar instructor from Philadelphia. A graduate of Temple University, Nick leads the free country-rock group Circles, and is a member of rock band the Accidental Occurrence and the acoustic guitar duo, the TenTones. He has had the opportunity to perform and record with Glenn Branca, perform with a theater group at the Keswick
Theatre, and perform disco songs at a local amusement park. Nick has toured the Northeast and Midwest and performs regularly in Philadelphia.

Julius Masri is a Lebanese who moved to the States in 1990, and picked up drums a year later. He studied performance and composition at Bard College with the likes of Joan Tower, and has performed with Richard Teitelbaum of Musica Electronica Viva, and AACM's house percussionist Thurman Barker. Julius currently performs in several projects, including Kuru Kuru PA, (ne Wolf vs.)


Sat. 12/16/06, 7pm

Philly Youth Poetry Slam
Third Saturdays

An effort to develop the youth talent in the Philadelphia area by mentoring young poets in the art of performance and slam poetry, giving the youth an opportunity to perform on a national level as representatives of Philly in the National Youth Poetry Slam.

This will include workshops, support, instruction, and supervision by recognized local talent to prepare the Philly team. The mission is to bridge the generation gap for performance poetry by connecting veteran performers, producers, and musicians with the talented youth of the city who are anxious to carry on the torch by continuing the legacy of their predecessors.

Youth must be 13-19 years of age to participate.

Admission is $7, or $5 with food or clothes for the needy


Sun. 12/17/06, 3pm

Celebrate Chanukah with the Jewish Dialogue Group,
Kol Tzedek West Philadelphia Synagogue,
and the Sarah Aroeste Band!

Chanukah party and benefit concert featuring:

The Sarah Aroeste Band, new interpretations of traditional Ladino* music

plus stories & songs by Rabbi Shawn Zevit

& thousands of calories of homemade latkes,
fair-trade Chanukah gelt, & other desserts

Suggested donation: $18 (no one turned away)

More info:, 215-266-1218.

*Ladino is the Sephardic Jewish language, incorporating elements of Spanish & other languages.

About the Performers:

*Vocalist Sarah Aroeste and her band of some of New York's finest world musicians combine traditional Sephardic music with contemporary rock, funk, blues & jazz. Using traditional instruments such as flamenco guitar,and dumbek alongside electric guitar, bass and drums, the band (Yotam Beery: bass; Yaron Eilam: electric guitar; Dan Nadel: flamenco guitar; Liron Peled: drums, percussion) brings a fresh new face to Ladino & Sephardic music. Listen to a National Public Radio broadcast with Sarah:

The Sarah Aroeste Band is best known for its innovative fusion of Spanish, Mediterranean and American musical traditions. Inspired by Sarah Aroeste’s cultural heritage—with Sephardic family roots originally from Spain and later settling in Salonika, Greece—the Aroeste sound combines and updates aspects from her unique family background.

Most influenced by the music and language of her Spanish roots, Aroeste grounds her music in Ladino, a form of Castilian Spanish and the language originated by Spanish Jews after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. This medieval form of Spanish was carried by Spanish Jews to the various points where they later settled, primarily along the Mediterranean coast and North Africa. In time, Ladino came to absorb bits and pieces of languages all along the Mediterranean coast, including Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Hebrew. This mysterious pan-Mediterranean language has, unfortunately, been fading away and is rarely spoken anymore.

But the musical legacy of Spanish Jews highlights the strength of an oral tradition that spans many centuries and crosses many geographic boundaries. Aroeste realized that very few people in North America, and elsewhere, were familiar with Ladino and Mediterranean Sephardic music and she wanted to ensure that the culture would not be lost. She wanted to expose the music and make it more accessible, so she decided to update and reinterpret the tradition by fusing it with more contemporary sensibilities.

Combining the various influences that have shaped her, Aroeste has created a unique sound that mixes traditional Mediterranean Sephardic music with contemporary Western styles including rock, funk, jazz and blues. The 5-piece Sarah Aroeste Band, comprised of some of New York’s most acclaimed ethno-world musicians (Yotam Beery, Yaron Eilam, Dan Nadel, Liron Peled), includes traditional instruments such as dumbek and oud, along with electric guitar, bass, piano and drums. The Band uses traditional Ladino folksongs in which most of the lyrics, although derived soon after the Inquisition 500 years ago, could just as easily have been written today. There are songs about family, first-love crushes, unrequited love, going off to war—all themes that cross centuries, geographic and ethnic boundaries. Taking this body of music and updating it with a contemporary sensibility, the Sarah Aroeste Band is known to be the only Ladino “Rock” group, and has helped to transform and revitalize a tradition.

Since Aroeste launched her band in 2001, she has amassed a large and loyal following across the nation and abroad, and has been featured in both national and international press. The Sarah Aroeste Band has also performed in major music venues throughout New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and beyond. The Sarah Aroeste Band has gotten notable attention both for the band’s musical talent as well as for Aroeste’s innovation in working to make this style of Ladino music more accessible and exciting to a new generation.

*Shawn Zevit: A Philadelphia-based Reconstructionist rabbi, Zevit is also a singer, songwriter & guitarist with two full-length CDs to his credit. With musical influences ranging from the Beatles to indie rock, soul to R&B, Zevit's new album, "Sanctuary," is less liturgically based than his first CD, "Heart and Soul." But Zevit still calls "Sanctuary" a "Jewish soul record" that explores spirituality & reflects his personal connection with God.


12/18/06, 7:15pm

Yoga for Life


12/21/06, 10am-5pm

Mural Arts Annual Winter Exhibit

Viewing hours


Fri. 12/22/06, 8pm

Dante "Tae" Kennedy CD Release

Vortexx Productions Presents Dante "Tae" Kennedy CD Release Concert and Listening Party

with special guests: Howard Kennedy, Harvey Mason, Twyse, Darrien Kennedy, Boy Wonder, Nichole Lynn, Lashia, Mark Keyzz, Omar Dominik, Emmanuel Dominik, et al.

Doors@8pm. Show/listening party@9pm with jam session to follow.


Sat. 12/23/06, 6-10pm





Admission is $10



Thu. 12/28/06, 10pm-2am

The Gathering
Final Thursdays
Established in 1997, The Gathering is the longest-running Hiphop event in Philly, and welcomes b-boys/b-girls, pop-lockers, emcees, graffiti writers, DJs, men, women, and children of all ages to enjoy this organic, community-based celebration of Hiphop.

DJs spin Hiphop, breaks, and funk all night, and there are open cyphers, a tag wall, and a featured performance and graffiti panel each month.

This month's featured performer is Philadelphia Slick

Resident DJ: Phish

Hosted by I be 4EVR and TuPhace


Fri. 12/29/06, 8pm. $5


soprano sax

deep dish harmonic guitar

e. guitar and Csound

soprano sax

Bhob Rainey, a Boston-based soprano saxophonist, is best known as a solo artist and as one half of nmperign, with whom he plays alien extended technique effects that are influenced by electronic music, environmental sounds and free improvisation. Rainey studied at the New England Conservatory of Music with free jazz saxophonist Joe Maneri. Rainey's music during his early- to mid-twenties was, like Maneri's, characterized by long microtonal lines. Rainey's first CD, Ink, featuring Dan DeChellis, was released in 1997. After a controversial 1998 solo concert in Washington D. C. attracted a considerable amount of attention to Rainey's music, he and trumpeter Greg Kelley formed nmperign with the goal of avoiding linear approaches to form and melodic contour. nmperign, including Rainey, Kelley and Tatsuya Nakatani, recorded its first CD in 1998. Since 1998, Rainey has recorded extensively, including a number of projects with nmperign (minus Nakatani) and collaborations with improvisers like Jack Wright, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jason Lescalleet. He continues to pursue a more sound-based (as opposed to note-based) approach in his work with nmperign, whereas his solo work, while far from traditional, often involves the use of more traditional melodic lines. Since 2000, he has also led the BSC, a large ensemble that uses both acoustic instruments and electronics.

Sat. 1/6/07 and Sun. 1/7/07, 8pm

Puppet Uprising

Puppet Uprising kicks off 2007 with two days of delightfully daring theater performed with music, shadows and extra-ordinary objects.

Each night begins at 8pm with Going Nowhere, a shadow puppet tribute to John Cage, Pirate Jenny, and the seams and senses that connect us all.
Then at 9pm, the three-person theater troupe known as the Missoula Oblongata returns from Montana for an encore presentation of "The Wonders of the World: Recite!" A quirky coming-of-age tale about a pair of peculiar packrats living by the sea. by the Missoula Oblongata.

Total running time is approximately 2 hours.
Content is geared toward grown-ups, but appropriate for all ages.
Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $5 to $10 for our outstanding out-of-town talent.

THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD: RECITE looks like a cross between a yard sale and a children?s play fort: A lighthouse crafted from broken window blinds overlooks a landscape littered with old suitcases, laundry lines adorned with artwork, a bookshelf of knick-knacks and piles of necessary junk. Here, a delusional grandma schools her grandson on the dangers of meteor showers, infectious disease, and unreliable radio broadcasts through a vaudevillian pageant of objects and imagination. Everything unfolds when the grandson befriends a resourceful wandering fisher-mailman leading to an inevitable octopus hunt and enough birthday cake for the whole audience to enjoy before everything finds its place.

GOING NOWHERE, the debut collaboration between Erik Ruin and Morgan F.P. Andrews, journeys through a dozen short shadow puppet scenes framed within a question: "If you had to give up all of your senses, except one, which would you keep?" Things are not as they seem to be, and answers appear as dissolving architecture and spray-paint landscapes that refuse to stay still. A song from Three Penny Opera and stories by John Cage offer glimpses at the lives of undercover pirates, daydreaming butterflies, flag-burning patriots, and the linguistically tortured wife of a former New England mayor. Lovely soundtrack by Minneapolis duo Dreamland Faces, plus live music by Philadelphia legend Charles Cohen.

THE MISSOULA OBLONGATA (Donna Sellinger, Madeline ffitch, and Leo Gebhardt) spent last summer touring The Wonders of the World: Recite internationally to theaters, festivals, nightclubs and living rooms. The play was named one of the top ten shows at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2006 and made its Philly premiere to a spellbound crowd in the Living Loft Museum at Spiral Q Puppet Theater. Collectively, the troupe boasts a Fotis Award, numerous published comics and chapbooks, as well as albums of recorded stories and music.

ERIK RUIN is a Minneapolis-based, Michigan-raised puppeteer, printmaker and author. He's been the director of shadow puppetry for Barebones Productions' annual Halloween Extravaganza in St. Paul for the past two years, and is infamous for his papercut projections in Liberty Cabbage Theater's ?An Olive on the Seder Plate.? Erik has performed at the Puppetropolis, Black Sheep, and Philadelphia Fringe Festivals, and last year he pulled his show ?How Can You Own?? around Europe in a bicycle cart. He recently co-edited the forthcoming book Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority (AK Press, 2007).

MORGAN F.P. ANDREWS is a Philadelphia-based, Massachusetts-raised printmaker, puppeteer and electronic folk musician. He regularly performs with Beth Nixon, and recently collaborated on a shadow puppet project with world-class juggler Sara Felder. Morgan is Puppet Uprising's co-founder/curator, and in 2006 co-organized the RadiCackaLacky Puppetry Convergence in North Carolina, and the Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh. He has toured dozens of puppet shows around North America and Brazil with his own Shoddy Puppet Company, and every year takes a few weeks off to work with the Bread & Puppet Theater.


Mon. 1/8/07, 10am-5pm: Mural Arts; 7:15pm: Yoga for Life


Thu. 1/11/07, 8pm

Andrew's Video Vault
2nd Thursdays

This month's presentation is Philly Premiers

Innocence (2004/115 m/2.35:1) Dedicated to lover Gaspar Noe, Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s provocative adaptation of Frank “Lulu” Wedekind’s novel Mine-Haha, or the Corporeal Education of Young Girls is a surreal psychosexual nightmare.

Mary (2005/83m/1.85:1) Abel Ferrara’s post 9/11, post Passion of the Christ political examination of Christianity in the mass media stars Juliette Binoche as an actress consumed by her role as Mary Magdalene in director Matthew Modine’s passion play. Also featuring Forest Whitaker and Heather Graham.

Edmond (2006/82m, 1.85:1) Stuart “Re-Animator” Gordon’s dark and compelling film of David Mamet’s vitriolic 1982 play finds William H. Macy as a vaguely anonymous businessman named after Edmund Burke, the father of Anglo-American Conservatism. From his luxury apartment and social x-ray wife, to a rage filled romp though the red-light district, and finally, happiness in prison, Edmond’s every fear hides a wish.


Fri. 1/12/07, 8pm

Sherman Community Arts


NOTEKILLERS (Ecstatic Peace Label)
Thurston Moore once called the Notekillers a "weird lost myth for some of us". Originally existing in fairly complete obscurity from 1977-81 in Philadelphia, the Notekillers were profoundly reminded how little one can really understand about the whims of fate when twenty-some years after they broke up in utter frustration, Thurston hailed their single "The Zipper" as "mind-blowing" and named them as a significant influence on Sonic Youth in a recent issue of Mojo Magazine. Soon after that, they were putting out a compilation CD of archival material from back in the day on his Ecstatic Peace label and soon after THAT, the Notekillers decided to find out if the world would like them any more now than back then.

And the answer coming back is a resounding "YES!"
They've gotten just an incredible amount of glowing press for the CD and have been getting fantastic responses every time they venture out there to play a combination of new jams and old favorites. People seem genuinely stunned by the sound and the spectacle.

For this, we can thank the NK's crack R&D department which diligently explored and synthesized the properties and practices of destabilized rock music, screaming free jazz, pre-school funk, 20th-century sub-atomic composers, hyper-reductivist thinkin', thousand year old shamanic hand-me-downs, 5th dimension visitation rites, kaleidoscopes, watchmaking, athletics and pebbles tossed in a glassy pond.

"The list of bands Bunnydrums played with during its brief history - including Pere Ubu, REM, Bauhaus, Colin Newman, Tuxedomoon, Gang of Four, The Cult, Alan Vega, Pylon - reads like a who's who of modern rock. But the Bunnydrums sound differed from all of them, still existing in its own unique space.
The sounds collected here come from the 1984 Holy Moly European tour, and present the original Bunnydrums lineup at their most intense and obtuse - sounds so strange, entrancing, and powerful that they made me want to join the band in their creation of this glorious noise." - Frank Blank- Philadelphia City Paper

Northern Liberties is something of a dark horse in the Philadelphia music scene. Led by artist/poet/writer/drummer/quasi-mystic Justin Duerr, the band draws comparisons to local legends Ink & Dagger and West Philly mainstays, Stinking Lizaveta, but hasn't achieved the same widespread recognition as these groups. It's possible that this plays a part in the title of Northern Liberties new album, Secret Revolution, but then again maybe not. One never knows. The band is as strong, as menacing, and as idiosyncratic as ever. Plowing through nineteen songs in about an hour can be a lot to take in, but by and large it's worth the time

(Members of Dr and Philip Improv Noise project)


Sat. 1/13/07, 12-8pm

TAKII 3 ~Video Game Ecstacy~

Asian Music/video game fusion festival

" Dust off your Atari 2600 joystick—Asian Karaoke Idol has returned. The third event of its kind in Philadelphia, the event combines open-mike karaoke, video game tournaments, cosplay (that’s costume play, for the uninitiated) contests and live performances from J-pop bands like D-chan, Japanese Ficticious Duct Tape and the Sailor Moon tribute group Prism... gaming tournaments include a wide array of new systems including Nintendo Wii, PlayStation and XBox, plus old-school favorites like ColecoVision and Atari. There’s also the Ota-Rave dance party—a mix of anime, video games and Asian music tracks..." - Amy Mullen, Philadelphia Weekly


Sun. 1/14/07, 7pm


A monthly series showcasing a variety of veteran as well as brand new performers from genres including Live Theater, Dance, Jazz, Opera, Cabaret, Broadway, Singer-Songwriter, Comedy, Performance Art, and so much more. The line up changes every month, so please visit often!

Upcoming shows:
Sun. Jan. 14, Fri. Feb. 2, Fri. March 30,
Sun. April 15, Fri. May 25, and Fri. June 22

Appearing this month:

Penni Gould (Produce/Vocalist) has been singing and performing since childhood. She created and developed Mélange Theatre, “Live” to provide Philadelphia with a stress-free supportive venue for talented performers to thrive and grow. “Mélange” is Philadelphia’s first “performer-centered” variety series. (Of course, audiences love it too!)

Monique Legaré (International Dance Troupe) Since 1985, the dance company has entertained audiences with costumed performances of the dances of Armenia, Bulgaria, England, France, Canada, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Based at the Professional Dance Academy in Willow Grove, the Company is led and directed by Monique Legaré. As well as many other appearances in the area, the Company annually performs at the Heritage Dance Festival in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. and at the New England Folk Festival in Natick, Massachusetts. In 1995, at the invitation of the University of Lviv, the Company highlighted an already good year with a sixteen-day performance tour of Ukraine. From September 30 through October 16th 1997, the troupe hosted a tour by 22 members of the University of Lviv Chamber Orchestra.

Phyllis Chapell (World Music) is a veteran performer at World Café Live and many other very well known venues. Click into her website for detailed information about Phyllis’ impressive list of accomplishments. She plays and sings unique songs from all over the world. Her repertoire features songs in 10 languages from Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Israel, and the U.S. Her 3-octave vocals are supported and complemented by her acoustic guitar play, capturing the essence of musical styles from percussive Brazilian sambas and explosive flamenco rumbas to elegant classical arias, folk, jazz and original ballads.

Joanne Joella (Pop, Broadway) sees cabaret as the natural outgrowth of twenty something years of singing rock, disco, standards, folk music, and some R&B and country to round out the rep. She is thrilled to be performing with Mélange Theatre, “Live” and says, “It is the most perfect venue for growing a performance and sharing a love for the arts”. Joanne’s voice is full and intense.

Ron Dorsey (Original R&B/Jazz) is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who grew up in Newark. He began singing in church at age 9, and hasn’t stopped since. He enjoys playing piano and is greatly influenced by all styles of music, especially jazz. He has traveled the United States extensively, and has lived in California, Kansas, Oklahoma, as well as the New York City metro-area. His travels are unmistakably reflected in his songwriting. He currently teaches, plays piano, and sings in various clubs in NYC. He enjoys seeing audience response to his live performance and relishes every opportunity to perform in hopes of bringing others joy and inspiration.

Kate Quinn (Singer Songwriter, Playwright) is a multifaceted performer who excels in opera, rock, folk and Broadway. She also composes original pieces using her own lyrics as well as other artists'. Kate has written a science fiction musical entitled Planet Discord that will be presented at The Rotunda on February 17th and 18th.

Laurie Halloran (Broadway) has been seen on stages in and out of the city since she was very young. She has played major roles in productions of Phantom, A Streetcar Named Desire, As You Like It, A Doll’s House, and How to Succeed in Business.

Faye Macey (Jazz, Blues) is a Philadelphia native and has been performing in local theaters throughout the tri-county area for about 13 years, performing in musicals such as Seussicathe Musical, Lttle Shop of Horrors, and more. She recently completed a run of Roar of the Greasepaint Smell of the Crowd at the Footlighter’s Theater in Berwyn.

Max Christian (Piano Solo) is a classical piano performance major at Temple University. He has performed at many venues including the Settlement Jazz Band, “Keyboard 1” in Ragime at Temple U., and as accompanist for the Nevilaires at Overbrook School for the Blind. In addition, Max came in as a finalist at the World Piano Competition in 1995.

Lindsay Kathe Mauk (Broadway, Pop) is an extremely dynamic performer. Her most recent accomplishment was her moving portrayal of a historic human rights activist in Ragime at Temple University’s Tomlinson Theater. Lindsay has appeared in numerous musicals up and down the east coast and is an accomplished gymnast, dancer, musician, and athlete.

Sara Pardys (Broadway/Pop) has appeared in productions such as Anything Goes, The Sound of Music, The Snow Queen, and Plaza Suite. Sara has studied voice for 15 years and enjoys singing classical music as well as Broadway and Pop.

Carla Mariani (Co-Producer, Keyboards) is an integral part of the Philadelphia theatrical and musical community and has selflessly shared her time, her talent and her support to help make beautiful dreams come true. Musical Director and accompanist for countless theater groups and vocalists throughout the region and the world, Carla has dedicated her talents and her support to area performers, assisting in their artistic development and encouraging the perfection of their gifts.

TO AUDITION: please contact Penni Gould: 215-923-1790;
Carla Mariani: 215-732-5443


Mon. 1/15/07, 7:15pm

Yoga for Life


Tue. 1/16/07, 7pm

Third Tuesday @ The Rotunda
A staged reading of work by Gerald van Wilgen and Coling Wolfe.

Colin's play is called "Palms Up" and looks at movie-making, condo-building, and environmentalism, all competing on a Florida location. Gerald's play takes place in central Africa.

Third Tuesday @ The Rotunda is presented by Jerry Perna and Gerald van Wilgen


Thu. 1/18/07, 10am-5pm

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Annual Winter Exhibit

Mondays and Thursdays 10am-5pm, through January 25.



Thu. 1/18/07, 8pm

Ars Nova Workshop

Sam Bardfeld, violin
Ravish Momin, percussion
Brandon Terzic, oud/saz


Helena Espvall, cello
Katt Hernandez, violin
Sean Mattio, percussion

Please join Ars Nova Workshop for a rare performance featuring Trio Tarana, led by India-born percussionist and composer Ravish Momin, a student of Andrew Cyrille and Bob Moses. This trio primarily utilizes Indian and East-Asian rhythms (including Japanese, Afghani, Indonesian) as the foundation of their works. Of their debut CD, noted: “It is fair to say that Trio Tarana is without precedent in the world of improvised music. A true synthesis of North African, South and East Asian motifs with classical organization and the immediacy of free improvisation has probably
not existed prior to 'Climbing the Banyan Tree'.”

Ravish Momin has worked with a wide-range of musicians, including vocalist Marie Afonso (ex-Zap Mama), percussionist Susie Ibarra, bassists Wilber
Morris and William Parker, violinists Jason Kao Hwang and Billy Bang, guitarists Brad Shepik and Ty Braxton, saxophonists Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre (AACM), Peter Epstein and Sabir Mateen, trumpeters Roy Campbell and Raphe Malik, pianist Ursel Schlicht's ExTempore Project, Balafon-master Balla Kouyate, and experimental hip-hoppers IsWhat?! (featuring MC Napolean). His is joined by Sam Bardfeld (Bruce Springsteen, Jazz Passengers, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton) and multi-Instrumentalist Brandon
Terzic (Minu Cinelu, Shane Shanihan).

Cellist Helena Espvall leads a new trio featuring Katt Hernandex and Sean Mattio. A member of the Philadelphia-based folk rock band Espers, she has
collaborated with such diverse figures as Fursaxa, Oluyemi Thomas, Sharron Kraus, From Quagmire, Lukas Ligeti, Samara Lubelski, Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros, Scorces, Katt Hernandez and many others.


Fri. 1/19/07, 8pm

Series for Electronic and Experimental Music
Third Fridays

Featured this month:

DURAN DURAN DURAN :: lazer thrash! / blastbeats

PORKTAMER :: experimental electronic wall of flesh

knife_jams :: Zapruder film video game soundtrack electronics / idm

visuals by MARGE

DURAN DURAN DURAN: Ed Flis became active in underground music around 1998, DJing at outdoor parties as well as performing live noise PAs in galleries and loft spaces - tho he'd been experimenting with sound and producing tracks since long before that. Together with Michael Chaiken, and Tony Gabor, they became "Duran Duran Duran". Chaiken and Gabor remain involved with the Duranx3 project as advisors, but it's Flis that is the primary artist involved with the musical production these days. Still living in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, he has been involved with the world famous Cock Rock Disco records from NYC and Berlin, as well as Planet Mu and Irritant from the UK. After years of various remix collaborations and splits, he released his first album "Very Pleasure" in 2004 to massive critical acclaim. He has traveled extensively since 2001 playing many live concerts and festivals throughout USA, Europe and Japan. He's currently working on his second full-length LP for Cock Rock Disco as well as 12"s for the Peace Off, Sadistic, and Sonic Belligeranza labels. Some appearances have been: Wasted festival - Berlin, Marke B - Berlin, Wood II, Wood VI and Wood X – Belgium. Nu Music festival- Stevanger Norway and Night of the stars - London. He has also been on tour with artists such as Jason Forrest, Knifehandchop, and Xanopticon and has performed along side of Afrika Bambaataa, Blowfly, Cannibal Ox and Carl Craig.

PORKTAMER: At one point, LaLiLuLeLo and Ecksicon were the democratically elected leaders of Porkistan. However, US interference lead to their ouster. Ironically, these two formers leaders sought asylum in the country responsible for funding the coup that displaced them. They promised to wage a war of subtle subversion through the crafting of fast-food music. Musically speaking, 'experimental' suffices as the strictest definition of their sound. Due to a chronic case of Musical Attention Deficit Disorder, Porktamer has taken on IDM, Breakcore, Noise, Punk, Ambiance, Prog, Hip Hop, Synth pop, avant tard, neu jazz, film scores, as well as many other genres. Porktamer makes sure to translate their 'jack-of-all-trades' nature into their live performances which often include projected visuals.

VJ MARGE has provided projections for such bands as Notekillers, Goldenball, Make A Rising, The Doctor & Philip, Ramona Cordova, Kilroy, Bubblyfish, Sharks With Wings, Beast Infection and Porktamer to name a few. VJ Marge has been a video artist/VJ since 2000. Large Marge started using Avant-Garde footage, Commericals, Stop Motion Animation, 70's and 80's videos, Found Films and more to create live projections for DJ's and bands. He then starting only using Public Domain footage to manipulate collages in Final Cut Pro, which eventually led to tweaking these live using AVMIXER and a MAC. He has recently been working using old slide projectors and slides, manipulating SUPER 8 film by coloring, bleaching, and scratching onto the film, oil projections, and live video feedback by filming the performers and tweaking it live.


Sat. 1/20/07, 7pm

Philly Youth Poetry Slam
Third Saturdays
An effort to develop the youth talent in the Philadelphia area by mentoring young poets in the art of performance and slam poetry, giving the youth an opportunity to perform on a national level as representatives of Philly in the National Youth Poetry Slam. 

This will include workshops, support, instruction, and supervision by recognized local talent to prepare the Philly team. The mission is to bridge the generation gap for performance poetry by connecting veteran performers, producers, and musicians with the talented youth of the city who are anxious to carry on the torch by continuing the legacy of their predecessors.

Youth must be 13-19 years of age to participate.